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How To Draw Ben 10 Omniverse Using Easy Stick Figures

how to draw ben10 omniverse

I have always been fascinated by the cartoons of today, even though I grew up in a different era. One series that captured my attention is Ben 10, which has become immensely popular among kids. With several versions of the main character, Ben, I felt it was time for me to learn how to draw Ben 10 Omniverse.

After watching numerous YouTube tutorials and reading art books, I discovered a technique often used by artists to create characters – starting with simple stick figures to establish the pose and stance. I realized that mastering this approach would enable me to create various poses for my own characters.

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of giving characters strong and dynamic poses, rather than just focusing on their appearance. Constructing character poses is a skill that we all need to work on, and using stick figures as a foundation is an excellent way to develop this skill.

In his book, “How to Draw Characters the Marvel Way,” Jim Lee, a renowned author, emphasizes the use of stick figures as the starting point for constructing the Marvel characters. By adding cylinders, spheres, and cubes to the stick figures, a sense of perspective can be achieved. This approach has greatly helped me visualize characters more efficiently.

How to Draw Ben 10 Omniverse

Step #1: Establish the Stick Figure

Begin by creating a pose for Ben 10 Omniverse that effectively conveys the desired action or mood to your audience. Although I am not a professional, I understand the theory behind this technique. I also experiment with curved lines to infuse more action and personality into the pose.

By simply starting with a drawing like the one on the left, you will find that your brain already begins to perceive the character, making it easier to proceed with drawing Ben 10.

Step #2: Add Shape to the Figure

Once the stick figure is complete, it’s time to add shapes around it. Keeping it simple, I focus on capturing the perspective realistically based on my experience level, while disregarding clothing details, accessories, or other intricate parts of Ben 10.

The purpose of incorporating shapes is to establish the proper perspective before diving into the finer details. Beginners, myself included, often make the mistake of trying to add detail simultaneously with the shape, resulting in skewed perspectives and unrealistic artwork. The image on the left showcases the shapes I placed over my original stick figure lines.

Step #3: Enhance with Detail

Now that we have invested effort into ensuring accurate perspective in Step 2, adding detail becomes a smoother process. There is no specific formula for this stage, and it may involve some trial and error until you create a final result that satisfies you. Do not hesitate to draw and erase lines as needed. Art often entails experimenting until you achieve your desired outcome. With practice, the process will become faster, and you will notice significant improvements.

Feel free to explore and have fun with your artwork.

How to Draw Ben 10 Omniverse – A Comprehensive Video Tutorial

If you prefer a visual demonstration of the techniques discussed above, I have created a video guide that demonstrates the entire process of drawing Ben 10 Omniverse. In this speed drawing video, you can witness how this artwork came together. If you are not yet subscribed to my YouTube channel, ensure you subscribe to be the first to access new videos coming your way soon.

Remember, with practice, dedication, and a willingness to experiment, you can master the art of drawing Ben 10 Omniverse characters using stick figures as your foundation.

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