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How to Draw Charizard


how to draw charizard

Charizard, one of the most powerful and beloved Pokémon, has gained immense popularity over the years. The demand for Charizard merchandise, including toy dolls, remains sky-high. If you want to learn how to draw this iconic Pokémon, you’ve come to the right place! In this tutorial, we will take you through the step-by-step process of drawing Charizard. By following each simple instruction carefully, you’ll be able to create an impressive artwork of this magnificent creature.

Step 1 – Sketch the Basic Shapes

To start, outline the basic shapes of Charizard’s head and torso. The head resembles a small circle at the top, while the body takes the form of an asymmetrical pear.

Step 2 – Depict the Eyes

Next, draw Charizard’s prominent eyes. Due to the angle, one eye appears smaller and slightly flattened. Notice the significant distance between the eyes; be sure not to position them too close to each other.

Step 3 – Define the Pokemon Face

Continuing with our drawing guide, add the contours of Charizard’s nose and mouth. The elongated shape of the face should have slightly curved edges, as shown in the example below.

how to draw cute charizard

Step 4 – Add Nostrils and Teeth

Draw the small formations representing Charizard’s nostrils and fang. These consist of tiny dots and short lines.

Step 5 – Draw Charizard’s Horns

Now, it’s time to add Charizard’s distinctive horns. These two small protrusions on top of the head have smooth edges, and their size and shape vary slightly due to the angle.

Step 6 – Connect the Head and Torso

Connect the head and torso using two graceful elongated lines. This creates a neck that smoothly expands downward.

how to draw charizard drawing

Step 7 – Sketch the Front Paws

Add Charizard’s upper limbs, resembling those of a classic dragon. Remember that dragons draw inspiration from dinosaurs, hence the presence of small upper limbs and powerful lower ones.

Step 8 – Depict the Paws and Claws

Draw the paws and clawed fingers of Charizard. This part of the upper limb is wider and larger than the shoulders and forearms.

Step 9 – Outline the Pokemon’s Legs

Add the outlines of Charizard’s powerful lower limbs. Draw large rounded shapes located laterally in relation to the torso, ensuring the proportions match.

how to draw charizard in steps

Step 10 – Draw the Claws

Now, depict the feet and claws, ensuring they appear large and powerful. The claws should point in different directions, providing stable support for the body.

Step 11 – Create the Tail

Draw the large, strong tail of Charizard. Notice the gradual tapering in the distal direction, maintaining a smooth but noticeable narrowing.

Step 12 – Highlight the Body’s Inner Part

Include the lighter part of Charizard’s body, which spans from the abdomen to the tip of the tail. This detail is commonly seen in drawings of cartoon dragons and dinosaurs.

how to draw a picture of charizard

Step 13 – Draw the Upper Wing Edges

Charizard is known for its wings, distinguishing it from other members of the Charmander family. Capture the upper edges of these impressive wings.

Step 14 – Add Wing Details

Now, draw the inner edging of the wings, ensuring the lines slope downward. This creates the appearance of denser areas along the top of the wings.

Step 15 – Sketch the Wing Bottom Edges

Complete the wings by drawing the bottom edges and indicating the presence of membranes with a couple of smooth lines. The bottom edges resemble the letter “M.”

charizard drawing easy

Step 16 – Illustrate Charizard’s Flames

As you probably know, Charizard possesses a distinctive feature—an ever-growing flame at the end of its tail. Reflect this characteristic by drawing the flame.

Step 17 – Refine Your Sketch

Review your drawing carefully for any mistakes or areas that need improvement. Erase any unnecessary lines from previous steps to ensure a clean, polished outcome.

Step 18 – Color Your Pokemon

Everyone recognizes Charizard’s color scheme. Use shades of orange, beige, and blue to bring this drawing to life and create an impressive artwork.

how to draw charizard

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed this drawing tutorial. We hope you found our guide helpful and informative. We welcome your feedback, questions, and suggestions for future drawing guides. Your input is highly valuable to us as we strive to improve our content. Happy drawing!

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