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How to Draw a Crown (easy step by step)

Are you interested in drawing a crown? In this tutorial, I will show you the best way to create a magnificent king’s crown using a simple technique. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, I will guide you through each drawing step. So grab your pencil and let’s get started!

Using a Basic Upside-Down T Line

To begin, draw a primary upside-down T line. This line consists of a simple straight line running horizontally and a vertical line intersecting it, forming an inverted T shape.

Drawing the basic lines

Drawing a crown involves several triangular shapes, rectangles, and circles. To make it easier, it’s essential to establish guidelines.

Drawing the Basic Shape

Next, add a rectangle shape at the bottom. This rectangle will serve as the foundation for the triangular shape of the crown.

Drawing the basic shape

Now, draw curved lines at the corners of the rectangle, creating a circular shape for the crown. This basic shape will make the subsequent steps more manageable.

Completing the basic shape

In this step, draw four new lines to determine the height of the crown.

Preparing the upper part of the crown

Connect each straight line to form a triangle. If needed, you can add additional guidelines in between.

Drawing jags

To give the crown a circular appearance and depth, add small triangles at the back.

Drawing even more jags

Deleting the T Line and Other Auxiliary Lines

Let’s make the drawing softer and less rigid. Thicken the lines that compose the crown.

Deleting some lines

Remove any unnecessary guidelines, leaving you with a basic crown drawing. However, to achieve a more beautiful result, we’ll add some intricate details.

Cleaning the inner area

Adding Some Gems to the Crown

A crown symbolizes power and beauty, often adorned with various ornaments. Therefore, when adding details to the crown, it should exude a sense of luxury and beauty. Let’s create the illusion of diamond grains.

Adding ovals

Combine the added circles with the ends of the crown, creating a neat and organized appearance. Don’t forget to draw a small circle in the shape of a diamond.

Adding more diamonds

With these new details, our crown will not only look more luxurious but also more realistic.

Detailing the Crown

In this step, draw a few curved lines to enhance the details. You can also make the crown appear thicker by doubling the basic lines at the bottom.

Adding details

Adding Tone Values

To make the crown look more realistic and shiny, we’ll incorporate different tonal values. Consider where the light falls on the object and add darker cross-hatching at the bottom of the crown to indicate areas exposed to less light.

Drawing shadows
You have to define different color tones with various hatching techniques, especially to accentuate the glossy surface of the crown.

Final Touches

For the finishing touches, add some lines to the triangle and rectangle shapes. These lines will clarify the flat and circular parts, giving the crown a more complete look.

Adding final details

And there you have it! You’ve successfully drawn a magnificent king’s crown. Feel free to continue adding more details or additional gems to further enhance your drawing.

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