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How to Draw Deku from My Hero Academia

“A trustworthy… cool hero who smiles… That’s what I aspire to be! That is why I am giving it my all! This is for everyone!”
My Hero Academia’s Deku

The main protagonist of the anime and manga My Hero Academia is Deku, a superhero alias of Izuku Midoriya.

Deku lives in a world where, by the age of four, 80 percent of individuals have developed superpowers known as “Quirks.” He idolizes All Might, the Pro Hero, but he lacks his own quirk – at least until he acquires All Might’s power, “One for All.”

This quirk is one of a kind in that it is passed down from one person to the next. Deku is the ninth One for All holder.

Deku may “harness a store of strong energy” thanks to One for All. He has the ability to run quickly and punch forcefully.

Do you want to make a Deku from My Hero Academia cartoon? This simple, step-by-step anime cartoon drawing tutorial will show you just how to do it.

A pencil, an eraser, and a piece of paper are all you’ll need.

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Step 1. Begin by using a long curved line

Begin by tracing Deku’s face with a long curved line. The cheeks and chin bulges should be noted. Then, across the face, draw two curved lines, one vertical and one horizontal. At a perpendicular angle, the lines should cross. These guidance lines will assist you in placing the facial characteristics.

Step 2. Enclose an ear on each side of the face

Using a curved line, enclose one ear on either side of the face. Additional curved lines are used to detail the insides of the ears. Then, to help you place the eyes, use the horizontal guide line. It should pass through the eyes’ center. Make huge “C” shaped lines to outline the eyes. To make each pupil, draw a little oval. Draw the “C” shaped iris all around it using a long curved line and short straight lines. For the brows, draw strong curved lines and short lines to outline the wrinkled brow. Draw the nose, mouth, and chin dimple with curved lines, using the vertical line as a reference. Make freckles by shading dots on each cheek.

Step 3. Erase the guide lines from the face

Begin drawing the spiky manga hair by erasing the guiding lines off the face. Use a pair of curved lines that meet at a jagged point for each strand of hair. Hair should be drawn over the brow and below the ears.

Step 4. Use pairs of curved lines to enclose the hair

Enclose the hair on top of the head with a pair of curved lines. Like the sun’s rays or corona, the uneven locks should protrude in all directions.

Step 5. Erase unnecessary lines from the hair.

Then, using straight lines, enclose the garment’s unevenly shaped collar. Outline the neck by connecting the collar to the head with a couple of lines. Connect the lines that extend down from the collar with straight lines. Vertical and “C” shaped lines should be used to embellish the collar.

Step 6. Use straight lines to enclose irregular “L” shapes on the collar.

Step 7. Use curved lines to enclose an irregular shape

On each side of the collar, enclose an irregular shape with curved lines, then detail each shape with a curved line in the centre. Outline the shoulders with sweeping curved lines.

Step 8. Detail the neck with hatching

Use hatching to add detail to the neck, and curved lines to make a semicircular shape behind the collar. Curved lines are used to highlight the garment’s folds and edges.

Step 9. Use pairs of curved line

Outline the squares “C” shapes of the shoulder pads with pairs of curved lines. In each corner, draw a small oval and a curved line down each arm.

Fill in the blanks with your Deku cartoon. He has light skin, dark green hair, and green eyes.


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