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Doraemon Drawing

Hello there! Today, we’ll teach you how to draw a simple and lovely Doraemon. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Creating Doraemon’s Eyes and Nose

Begin by drawing two circles to form Doraemon’s eyes and nose.

Step 2: Shaping Doraemon’s Head

Next, sketch curved lines to create the shape of Doraemon’s head.

Step 3: Crafting Doraemon’s Bright Smile

Draw a smiling mouth to give Doraemon a cheerful expression.

Step 4: Adding the Necklace with a Bell

Follow the instructions in the pictures to draw a necklace with a bell for Doraemon.

Step 5: Forming Doraemon’s Body

Using two curved lines, outline Doraemon’s body.

Step 6: Drawing Doraemon’s Legs

Now, draw Doraemon’s legs to complete the body structure.

Step 7: Sketching Doraemon’s Hands

Don’t forget to draw Doraemon’s hands, including the fingers.

Step 8: Including Doraemon’s Magic Bag

Make sure to draw Doraemon’s iconic magic bag.

Step 9: Finalizing Doraemon’s Tail, Eyes, and Beard

Complete the drawing by adding Doraemon’s tail, eyes, and beard.

Congratulations! You have successfully drawn Doraemon!

If you prefer a more visual guide, you can watch our video tutorial for drawing Doraemon.

Drawing Doraemon Sleeping on the Moon

Let’s try drawing Doraemon in a different pose—sleeping on the moon!

Step 1: Creating the Crescent Moon

Start by drawing the shape of a crescent moon.

Step 2: Shaping Doraemon’s Head

Next, draw Doraemon’s head, following the reference image.

Step 3: Drawing the Necklace

Sketch the necklace on Doraemon’s neck.

Step 4: Outlining Doraemon’s Body

Outline Doraemon’s body shape.

Step 5: Sketching Doraemon’s Hands

Draw Doraemon’s hands with attention to detail.

Step 6: Adding Doraemon’s Legs

Include Doraemon’s legs in the drawing.

Step 7: Drawing a Bag for Doraemon

Don’t forget to add Doraemon’s magic bag.

Step 8: Finalizing Doraemon’s Face

Complete the drawing by adding Doraemon’s face.

Step 9: Erasing Unnecessary Lines

Use an eraser to remove any excess lines.

Step 10: Adding Vibrant Colors

For a more vivid picture, add color to your drawing.

For a more detailed guide, you can refer to our instructional video on how to draw Doraemon.

Drawing a Happy Doraemon

Here’s another variation—drawing a happy Doraemon!

Step 1: Drawing Doraemon’s Eyes, Nose, and Mouth

Begin by drawing Doraemon’s eyes, nose, and mouth.

Step 2: Shaping Doraemon’s Head

Next, draw two curved lines to create Doraemon’s head.

Step 3: Adding an Ancient Bell

Include an ancient bell in Doraemon’s drawing.

Step 4: Sketching Hands and Feet

Continue by drawing Doraemon’s hands and feet.

Step 5: Including Doraemon’s Magic Bag

Lastly, don’t forget to draw Doraemon’s magic bag.

Refer to our video tutorial for detailed guidance on drawing Doraemon.

Additional Doraemon Drawing Ideas

Looking for more inspiration? Check out these Doraemon drawing ideas step by step:

6. Doraemon Face Drawing Idea:

Doraemon Face Drawing Idea

7. Doraemon Drawing Idea 7:

Doraemon Drawing Idea 7

8. Doraemon Drawing Idea 8:

Doraemon Drawing Idea 8

9. Doraemon Drawing Idea 9:

Doraemon Drawing Idea 9

10. Doraemon Drawing Idea 10:

Doraemon Drawing Idea 10

11. Doraemon Drawing Idea 11:

Doraemon Drawing Idea 11

12. Doraemon Drawing Idea 12:

Doraemon Drawing Idea 12

13. Doraemon Drawing Idea 13:

Doraemon Drawing Idea 13

14. Doraemon Drawing Idea 14:

Doraemon Drawing Idea 14

15. Doraemon Drawing Idea 15:

Doraemon Drawing Idea 15

We hope this article on drawing a simple and lovely Doraemon has helped you create beautiful Doraemon pictures!

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