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How To Draw A Bee: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

Types of Bees to Draw

  • Honey Bee: Fuzzy thorax and sleek abdomen.
  • Bumble Bee: Short and fuzzy with distinct stripes.
  • Mason Bee: Bright metallic green or blue.
  • Leafcutter Bee: Long with unique abdominal stripes.
  • Violet Carpenter Bee: Bright purple wings.
  • Yellow-faced Bee: Bright yellow face, similar to a wasp.
  • Wool Carder Bee: Spine-like pattern on its back.
  • Hairy-Footed Flower Bee: Fuzzy and short without distinct stripes.

Tips for Drawing a Bee

  • Choose the right type: Select the bee type to accurately depict its features.
  • Avoid excessive yellow: Some bees have little to no yellow on them.
  • Pay attention to details: Draw antennae and other important features.
  • Add realistic elements: Sprinkle pollen for a more authentic look.
  • Include a trail: Dotted trails enhance the cuteness of cartoon bees.

Step-by-Step Drawing Projects

1. How to Draw a Bumble Bee

How to Draw a Bumble Bee
Learn how to draw an adorable bumble bee with How2DrawAnimals.

2. How to Draw a Honey Bee

How to Draw a Honey Bee
Join Art for Kids Hub for a tutorial on drawing a honey bee, suitable for kids and adults alike.

3. Drawing a Cute Bee Tutorial

Drawing a Cute Bee Tutorial
Create the cutest cartoon bee using an oval with the help of Draw So Cute.

4. How to Draw a Realistic Bee

How to Draw a Realistic Bee
For those looking to draw a realistic bee, Drawing and Painting – The Virtual Instructor provides an ink drawing tutorial.

5. How to Draw a Minecraft Bee

How to Draw a Minecraft Bee
Art for Kids Hub offers a tutorial on drawing a Minecraft bee that will surely excite kids.

6. How to Draw a Bee Hive

How to Draw a Bee Hive
Complete the bee world by drawing a beehive with the marker tutorial from Articco Drawing.

7. Drawing a Bee on a Flower Tutorial

Drawing a Bee on a Flower Tutorial
Learn how to draw a bee on a flower with the guidance of Ripon’s Art.

8. How to Draw a Flying Bee

How to Draw a Flying Bee
Create the illusion of a flying bee with a background, as demonstrated by Halfsa Art Box.

9. How to Draw a Bee for Kids

How to Draw a Bee for Kids
Art for Kids Hub teaches kids how to draw a bee using the letter B as a starting point.

10. How to Draw a Squishmallow Bee

How to Draw a Squishmallow Bee
Level up your skills by drawing a Squishmallow bee, a fusion of bee and plush, with Draw So Cute.

How to Draw a Realistic Bee


  • Paper
  • Colored pencils
  • 6B pencil

Step 1: Draw Two Ovals and a Circle

Start by drawing a circle with two ovals on either side. The smaller oval on the left should be nearly vertical, while the right one should be tilted at a 45-degree angle.

Step 2: Draw Antennae and Mandibles

Next, sketch the triangular mandible and two bent antennae on the smaller oval.

Step 3: Draw Wings and Legs

This is the trickiest part. Draw the two wings, with the back one slightly hidden. Then, depict the legs in sections, ensuring each leg has three sections and a foot.

Step 4: Add Fuzz

Depending on the bee type, add fuzz to the appropriate areas. Avoid covering the eyes with fuzz.

Step 5: Draw Details

Enhance the bee’s appearance by adding fuzz to the thorax, stripe lines, and wing veins. The bee should start coming to life at this stage.

Step 6: Add Black and Yellow

Use a yellow pencil to color the bee, excluding the wings. Then, switch to a 6B pencil to add the black parts.

Benefits of Learning How to Draw a Bee

  • Learn insect anatomy: Gain a deeper understanding of insect anatomy, which is crucial for realistic art.
  • Master wing drawing: Acquire the skills to draw wings, which can be applied to drawing fairy wings and other creatures.
  • Improve general drawing abilities: Regular drawing practice enhances eye-hand coordination and boosts creativity.
  • Spread joy with bee art: Bees are often associated with happiness and summertime, making them a delightful subject for artwork.


What is the most challenging part of drawing a bee?

The difficulty varies depending on the bee type, but generally, the legs and wings pose the biggest challenge. Even when drawing a cartoon bee, adding depth to these elements is essential.

What does a bee symbolize in art?

The symbolism of bees varies across cultures, but they commonly represent new life, particularly the afterlife.

Why should you learn how to draw a bee?

While you may not necessarily need to draw a bee, knowing how to do so can come in handy for educational purposes, commissions, or simply to impress your friends.


Once you’ve mastered the art of drawing a bee, you can continue practicing or explore other subjects. Embrace your creative mind and keep challenging yourself. Remember, when drawing a bee, think like a bee!

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