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How to Draw A Deer – A Step by Step Guide


Encountering a graceful deer in the woods is a moment to cherish. These gentle creatures symbolize the tranquility and serenity of nature. Not only are they beloved by many, but they also hold significance in various cultures worldwide. If you’ve ever desired to capture the essence of a deer through art, this step-by-step guide will make it easier than ever. By following these eight simple steps, you’ll be able to draw a stunning deer on your own.

how to draw deer in 8 steps

Step 1: Drawing the Ears

To begin, let’s start with the ears, which are a distinctive feature of deer. Use curved lines with pointed ends to mimic the shape of the ears in the reference image. Connect the ears with a rounded line to form the top of the head.

drawing deer step 1

Step 2: Shaping the Head

Continuing from the ears, draw the rest of the head outline underneath them. Add angular shapes to define the main outline of the head. Towards the front of the face, create a rounded shape as shown in the reference image. This will serve as the foundation for the deer’s muzzle.

drawing deer step 2

Step 3: Outlining the Body

Now, let’s move on to the body. Begin by drawing a curved line extending from under the ear, forming the back of the deer. Add another curved line below the front of the face to create the chest.

drawing deer step 3

Step 4: Adding Legs and Belly

To add more depth to the deer drawing, incorporate the legs. Using the previously drawn lines as guides, sketch the legs. They should be thicker at the top and gradually become more angular towards the bottom. Connect the legs with a curved line to form the belly. Extend the chest line downward as well.

drawing deer step 4

Step 5: Drawing the Remaining Legs and Tail

Now that you’ve drawn two legs, adding the remaining pair should be easier. Simply replicate the shape and placement of the previously drawn legs on the other side of the body. Use a curved line to depict the tail of the deer.

drawing deer step 5

Step 6: Creating the Face

With the outline complete, it’s time to give the deer a face. The eyes should be small and positioned on the sides of the face. Draw a curved line beneath a solid black nose to represent the mouth. This area should align with the rounded portion of the face left earlier. To give the face more definition, add a curved line above the nose as a snout and two thin lines between the eyes for bone structure.

drawing deer step 6

Step 7: Adding Fine Details

Your deer drawing is almost complete! Add some fine details to enhance its appearance. Include lines in the inner ears, belly, tail, and legs to create patterns. You can also paint the area beneath the head later. Additionally, consider adding spots to the deer to make it even more captivating. Feel free to personalize your drawing with any other details you can imagine.

drawing deer step 7

Bonus: Explore Further Possibilities

If you want to explore variations of the deer drawing, we have a few exciting ideas for you. Try adding antlers to give the deer a different look. You can even draw a second deer with antlers to create a pair. Drawing antlers may require some practice, so don’t hesitate to refer to online images for assistance. Start by lightly sketching the antlers with a pencil before finalizing them.

Another adorable addition could be a baby deer calf alongside the adults. It would be a slight variation of the deer you’ve already drawn. Alternatively, you can experiment with different poses for the deer. For example, you could draw the deer with its head lowered as it grazes or eats from a bush. Small changes in detailing and posture can drastically transform the drawing. Let your imagination run wild!

how to draw a deer in 8 easy steps

Step 8: Adding Color

Congratulations! You’ve successfully completed the deer drawing. Now it’s time to add vibrant colors to bring your artwork to life. While more muted brown tones may provide a realistic look, don’t be afraid to experiment with unique and fun color schemes. You can use various art mediums to color your drawing, such as watercolor paints for a softer appearance. Consider creating a forest background to enhance the overall composition. Let your creativity flow and make this drawing truly yours!

how to draw a deer in 8 easy steps

3 Extra Tips for Easy Deer Drawing

To make the deer drawing even easier, here are three additional tips:

  1. Simplify the Style: The tutorial combines realistic and cartoon-like elements. If you prefer a simpler approach, lean towards a more cartoonish style. Take inspiration from famous cartoon deer characters to simplify your design. Find a style that works best for you.

  2. Utilize Reference Photos: For a realistic style, reference actual deer photos online. Look for images with similar poses to the one provided in this guide. Combining our reference image with real-life photos can make the drawing process more manageable. You can even use these references to draw a deer in a different pose or add antlers.

  3. Start with Basic Shapes: Artists often use basic shapes to structure their drawings. Before committing to final lines, use a pencil to draw simple shapes that correspond to the proportions of the deer. Small circles for the head, an oval for the body, and elongated shapes for the neck and legs serve as a foundation. Gradually add details, layer by layer, until you’re ready to finalize the lines with ink or pen.


You’ve successfully learned how to draw a deer through this step-by-step guide. We hope you’ve had a delightful experience during this artistic journey. Drawing becomes much more accessible when broken down into simple steps. Now it’s your turn to add your personal touch to the drawing. Whether it’s using vibrant colors, creating a unique background, or experimenting with different art mediums, we can’t wait to see how you make this artwork your own.

Don’t forget to visit our website frequently, as we regularly release step-by-step drawing guides for you to enjoy. We’re also eager to see your completed deer drawings. Share your artwork on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for us to admire and appreciate!

Note: The images used in this article are sourced from PaintX Wiki.

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