How To Draw Fire Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

Today’s drawing lesson is about how to draw a heart. Because fire and flames have no particular shape, they will fascinate you. They develop as a result of a chemical reaction during the combustion process.

How to Draw Flames

Fire, often known as flame, blaze, ember, and other terms, is the process of releasing heat and light. Campfires, bonfires, pyres, and other sorts of fires are examples of their usage and types. Fire represents a variety of events and feelings, including destruction, rebirth, agony, passion, and purification.

Any object that was set on fire turned into ashes. The mythical phoenix perishes in flames and rises from the ashes. We’re drawing a campfire in this tutorial, but the procedures are comparable to and useful for drawing flames.

Every phase of this Fire sketch is accompanied by an example of images. Following those photographs will assist you. Begin by drawing with simple, light lines that are also eraser friendly.

Let’s start with the source of death and destruction: Fire.

How to Draw a Pencil Drawing of Fire

Step 1: Draw three woody logs that are connected at the top. To keep the shape’s individuality, don’t sketch it perfectly.

Step 2: Draw fumes in the top direction using random curves. Draw light lines and don’t use too much pressure.

Step 3: Draw more fumes within the logs, but not in the same pattern as before. To make the logs look more authentic, draw wooden patterns on them.

Step 4: Complete the drawing by adding a few additional flames in the proper order and sketching a more smooth and authentic wooden feel.

Step 5: Don’t overthink your drawing; keep it basic and use the hatching technique to make it appear more genuine.

How to draw a Cartoon fire

Step 1: Make a rectangular shape using your pencil.

Step 2: Inside the rectangle, draw a few lines that run through the center.

Step 3: Keep the lines while erasing the outer rectangle.

Step 4: Draw circles and curved lines at the ends of the lines, as seen in the image below.

Step 5: To represent wood, create a spiral inside the drawn circles.

Step 6: For the fire’s base, draw a half-circle above all the woods.

Step 7: In this step, erase all of the overlapping lines.

Step 8: Using curved lines, draw the first set of flames in an upward manner.

Step 9: Add a few more layers of the flame, as seen in the figure below; you may also make your own pattern, but be sure to draw everything in an upward direction only.

Step 10: Using a marker or a darker pencil, outline the entire drawing and add flame glazings. Make a diagonal log using your pencil.

Step 11: On the wooden logs, draw triangles and random line patterns.

Step 12: Draw lines to represent the ground, then paint it yellow and brown.

Points to Consider When Drawing a Fire:

  • Always begin with simple and light lines.
  • Make the eraser your best buddy; there’s no harm in using it over and over.
  • Only the upward movement of flame or fire is possible.
  • There is smoke where there is fire.
  • They have a haphazard look and a varying shape.


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