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How to Draw Fire Step by Step

Fire drawing step by step

Are you ready to learn how to draw a mesmerizing fire? In this step-by-step tutorial, we will guide you through the process of creating a stylized fire drawing that you might find in a cartoon, video game, or illustration. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this tutorial is perfect for you. Grab your pencil, and let’s get started!

Step 1 – Drawing the Bottom of the Fire

Fire bottom drawing

To begin, start by drawing the bottom of the fire. Imagine it as a slightly curved “U” shape with outward curves near the top. Keep your lines light and easy to erase in case you make a mistake. You can darken them later with a black pen or marker.

Step 2 – Drawing the Upper Flames

Fire outline drawing

Now, it’s time to add the flames at the top of the shape you drew in the previous step. These flames should be larger and positioned higher up as they move towards the center. Let your creativity flow as you draw slightly random curves and waves to give the flames their unique shapes.

Step 3 – Drawing the Inner Flames

Fire inner flames drawing

Similar to the main outline of the fire, add a smaller shape inside the larger one you created in the previous steps. This inner shape should be slightly narrower towards the top and have fewer flames. It adds depth and complexity to your fire drawing.

Step 4 – Drawing the Center

Fire center drawing

Within the outline you drew in the previous step, draw an even smaller part of the fire. Imagine it as a water drop shape with a small split at the top. This detail adds a touch of realism and visual interest to your fire drawing.

Step 5 – Drawing the Sparks & Finishing the Line Drawing

Fire line drawing

To bring your fire drawing to life, draw a few sparks emanating from the main fire. These sparks should be much smaller compared to the flames and have bends and curves in their shapes. Once you’re satisfied with your line drawing, go over it with a thin black marker or pen. If you don’t have one, you can simply darken the lines with your pencil.

Step 6 – Coloring the Fire

Fire drawing

Now comes the fun part – adding color to your fire drawing! Markers are an excellent choice for coloring the fire, as they offer vibrant colors that suit the fiery nature of the subject. However, feel free to use other mediums if you prefer. Start by coloring the central part of the fire yellow, then gradually transition to orange for the next part, and finally, use red for the outer part and sparks.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully created a stunning fire drawing. Now take a step back and admire your artwork.


In this tutorial, we’ve shown you how to draw a simple yet captivating fire. Remember, the shape of the flames can be somewhat random, so don’t worry about being overly precise. However, strive to create smooth curves and waves in the flame outlines for a more visually appealing drawing.

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Now go forth and let your artistic skills shine! Happy drawing!

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