How to Draw Flames Step By Step – For Kids & Beginner

This is going to be a fun tutorial because we’ll be learning how to create flames for kids and novices. People have been using fire and smoke for various reasons for generations. It aided people in cooking their meals and keeping warm in frigid climes.

There are a variety of different applications for fire, such as in manufacturing. Fire is a natural occurrence that occurs as a result of fast oxidation.

To draw a flame, you’ll need a pencil, a sheet of paper, an eraser, and the step-by-step instructions below. We’ve included step-by-step graphics in this lesson to make things easier for you. Let’s get started with the tutorial.

How to Draw a flame

Step 1: Begin by creating a circle; this will serve as your starting point for the firebase. Use a compass or freehand to draw this circle.


Step 2: Draw two lines from both the left and right sides to start a flame, then move it upwards, producing a little S shape, before drawing it backwards. For help starting your flame, look at the image below.


Step 3: Draw a spike-like structure above the circle, using the same little curves as before. As shown in the image below, we closed the endpoint.


Step 4 : Draw a few more layers inside the drawn fire flames in the previous steps for the final layer of the flame. Draw a few fires outside the flame and shape the circle to make it seem natural once you’ve finished with the inside flame.


Step 5: Is there anything lacking from your flame painting, sure! Adding color to your flame is a great way to make it more interesting. Use a combination of red and orange to color it.


How to draw flame with Smoke step by step

The following is a step-by-step guide on how to draw flame with smoke:

Step 1: Begin by creating the flame’s outline, using several curved lines to bring the curves together at a sharp point. For the center flame, create another large, lengthy curve.

Step 2: Draw more lit flames with curved lines joining at the spot on the opposite side of the drawn flame.

Step 3: Using a curve that meets at the same spot, add more identical little flames on the inside area of the drawing.

Step 4: Draw curved lines on the opposite side of the inner flame to make a short flame.

Step 5:Outside the flames created as flying ashes, draw a few more flames. For each formation, draw two enclosed curving lines.

Step 6: On the other side, draw a few more ashes and flames. These will display the flame’s growing heat.

Step 7: Create a large smoke plume over the flame. You’ll need to design a large, uneven spherical shape for this.

Step 8: On the right side of the flame, draw a more spherical cloud-like shape. The fire’s smoke will be present.

Step 9: For smoke, add a couple additional curving clouds.

Step 10: Now color the flame. For the smoke, use colors of grey and black, and for the flame, use red, orange, and yellow.

We’ve included some photos below to help you draw a cartoonic flame image. If you’re willing to draw a cartoonish flame, this is the path to take.


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