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How to Draw a Football Player – Step by Step Guide

If you’ve ever dreamt of becoming a football player or you’re simply a fan of football, this step-by-step drawing tutorial is perfect for you! In just 9 quick and easy steps, we’ll show you how to draw a football player.

Step-by-step football player drawing

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1 – Drawing the Football Helmet

To begin, draw an outline of the football helmet on the upper portion of your paper. This will ensure that there’s enough space for the entire body of the football player. Use rounded edges at the top and a flat bottom, as shown in the illustration above. Additionally, create reference lines for accurate placement.

Step 2 – Creating the Face Opening

Next, draw an irregular square shape without a bottom line on the lower middle part of the helmet’s outline. This will serve as the opening of the helmet where the football player’s face is. The opening should encompass the bottom half of the helmet.

Step 3 – Finalizing the Helmet Structure

Now, draw connected thin lines covering the face opening. These lines form the face mask, providing additional protection to the football player. The upper lines should curve slightly downwards, while the bottom lines curve upwards. Remember to erase any overlapping parts to keep the drawing clean and refined.

Step 4 – Drawing the Jersey Sleeves

Continue by drawing a V-shaped line beneath the middle of the helmet. This will form the neckline of the football jersey. Then, add short sleeves on each side of the neckline to complete the left and right sleeves of the jersey.

Step 5 – Hands Holding the Football

Draw an arm with a hand emerging from the right sleeve. Next, draw an irregular oval shape to create the football, ensuring that it’s drawn beneath the hand. This will give the impression that the hands are holding the football. Don’t forget to add four fingers on the left side of the ball to complete both arms and hands of the football player.

Step 6 – Drawing the Legs

To complete the top of the jersey, draw the hem of the shirt. Then, draw a pair of shorts below the shirt to finish the football player’s uniform. For a more realistic touch, add a short curved line to form the crotch of the shorts.

Step 7 – Drawing the Feet

Now, it’s time to draw the football player’s feet.

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