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How to Draw a Fox Step by Step

This tutorial will teach you how to draw a fox in an adorable cartoon style. With twelve detailed steps, accompanied by illustrated examples and quick explanations, you’ll learn to create your very own cute fox drawing.

Fox drawing step by step

Before we begin, take a moment to preview the drawing steps in the image above. Drawing a stylized fox like the one in this tutorial is not overly challenging, but it may take some time to outline all the intricate details. Start with a pencil to create light lines that can be easily corrected if needed. Once you’re satisfied, you can trace over them with a black pen or marker before adding color.

Step 1 – Position the Fox’s Head

Begin by outlining the shape of the fox’s head, similar to the example shown below. Leave the facial features and smaller details for the subsequent steps.

Fox head drawing

Create an upper line to define the top of the head and a slightly broken line for the bottom. You can achieve the broken effect by erasing a small section of the line’s middle.

Step 2 – Outline the Ears

On top of the head, add the outlines of the fox’s ears, without including their inner details. Position them slightly angled away from each other.

Fox ears drawing

Step 3 – Outline the Body

Moving downward from the head, continue by adding the upper part of the fox’s body. Make it narrower at the top and wider as it descends.

Additionally, outline the back legs on both sides of the body, excluding the paws for now.

Fox body drawing

Step 4 – Draw the Front Legs & Paws

Starting slightly above the vertical halfway point of the body, add the front legs and their corresponding paws. The legs should be wider near the top and narrower at the bottom. The paws should have a rounded shape on top and be flatter at the bottom.

You can connect the two front paws with a tiny line to depict the bottom of the body.

Fox front legs drawing

Step 5 – Draw the Back Paws

Proceeding from behind the front legs and paws, draw the back paws. Similar to the front paws, make them slightly rounder on top and flatter at the bottom.

Fox back paws drawing

Step 6 – Draw the Tail

The tail is one of a fox’s most distinctive features. For a stylized fox, you can draw a large and fluffy tail. Narrow it towards the base, widen it in the middle, and narrow it again towards the tip. To create a sense of fur clumps, add a slight split at the end of the tail.

Fox tail drawing

Step 7 – Draw the Nose & Cheek Fur

With most of the fox’s larger details outlined, it’s time to add the nose and cheeks. These two elements are interconnected.

Shape the nose like a triangle with rounded corners and position it about one-fourth of the way up the head. Next, create the cheeks by drawing a pair of curved lines extending from each side of the head towards the nose. To complete this step, add some fur clumps to each cheek.

Fox nose drawing

Step 8 – Draw the Mouth

The mouth consists of three small curves. Two curves extend outward from the bottom/middle of the nose to form the upper portion of the mouth, while the lower part is created by drawing one more curve beneath the previous two.

Fox mouth drawing

Step 9 – Draw the Eyes

Position the eyes right above the cheeks. Start by outlining each eye, then add the inner parts, known as irises. Include a small oval-shaped highlight within each iris.

Finally, add tiny eyebrows just above each eye, resembling drops of water.

Fox eyes drawing

Step 10 – Draw the Ear Fur

Similar to the fur on the cheeks, add fluff inside the ears. Before doing so, draw a pair of lines to depict the curvature of each ear.

Fox ear fur drawing

Step 11 – Finish the Line Drawing

Enhance the drawing by adding some fur to the chest area below the head and creating a fur pattern near the tail’s end, which will represent the white tip in the subsequent step.

You can go over your drawing with a black pen or marker, as suggested earlier, or darken the lines by pressing harder with a pencil.

Fox line drawing

Step 12 – Color the Fox

To complete the drawing, add color to your fox. Opt for an orange coat, leaving some white spots to highlight specific areas:

  • Ear fluff
  • Eyebrows
  • Cheeks
  • Chest
  • Tail End
  • Paws

Color the irises of the eyes in light blue, and maintain white highlights within each eye. For an additional touch, you can add a subtle shadow beneath the fox using a light grey shade, as shown in the example.

Fox drawing


Drawing a stylized cartoon fox, like the one in this tutorial, requires some effort but provides a satisfying result. Follow the steps carefully, starting with a pencil sketch to allow for easy correction of mistakes.

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