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How to Draw a Furry – Easy Step by Step


Drawing human anatomy can be challenging, especially when it comes to capturing different angles. However, drawing furries presents a unique set of difficulties. Combining elements of animals and humans requires multiple references and practice. In this tutorial, I will guide you through the process of drawing a furry step by step, focusing on a 3/4th view that is easily replicable.

Drawing the Furry – Step by Step Instructions for Beginners

To start, let’s create a simple rough template. Begin by drawing a rough circle, which will serve as the basis for the head. Then, draw a cross-section to guide the placement of the eyes and nose. Next, use the circle as a guide to shape the head, adding fur details around the cheeks and jawline. Moving on, draw the eyes and eyebrows, followed by adding depth to the eyes with irises and pupils. Continue by drawing the snout, including the nose and mouth. Don’t worry if you don’t get it right immediately; practice will improve your skills. Finally, draw the ears, and once you’re satisfied with the face, move on to drawing the hair. Start with simple bangs and proceed to the rest of the hair. Clean up any rough or overlapping lines.

Coloring the Furry

Now that the sketch is complete, it’s time to add color to your furry drawing. Begin by coloring the fur, adjusting the darkness around the ears for added depth. Use the bonobo brush to add blush to the cheeks, enhancing the feminine appearance. As a fantasy creature, you can take some creative liberties to make your furry more unique. Color the hair to your liking; in this tutorial, we’ll use pink. Add purple highlights to the hair’s ends, and blend the colors seamlessly using a blending brush. Create a new layer and incorporate streaks into the hair using dark and light purple highlights, adjusting the opacity and blending settings as desired. Drawing hair can be challenging, so if you want more detailed instructions, refer to my article on coloring digital art. Proceed to add color to the eyes, making the upper part of the iris darker for depth. Finally, add highlights to the eyes to bring them to life.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to draw a furry step by step from scratch. Remember, drawing characters takes practice, but with time and dedication, your skills will improve. If you’d like more tutorials on drawing hair and people, leave a comment below. Additionally, check out my other character tutorials for guidance on drawing people and clothing. Keep an eye out for future drawing tutorials on this blog.

Recommended Resources

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Furry Drawing Step by Step

Learn how to draw manga characters from scratch.

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