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Male Hair Drawing Guide For Beginners [Quiff, Ivy League Haircut, Dreadlocks]

Did you know that the average person has around 100,000 hairs on their head? Men, too, can boast rich and luscious hair, which might seem difficult to draw. In this tutorial, we will share easy steps for drawing male hairstyles, specifically the quiff, Ivy League haircut, and dreadlocks. If you prefer visual guidance, we’ve included images at every step!

Sketching Tools for Male Hair Drawing

To draw male hair, you’ll find these tools handy:

  • An H pencil: Leaves a light trace on the paper, perfect for creating outlines.
  • An HB pencil: A medium hard lead suitable for detailing, building lines, and soft shading.
  • A B pencil: Offers a soft lead ideal for shading.
  • A kneaded eraser: A versatile eraser that can be shaped to your preference.
  • Lightly textured sketch paper: Smooth surface that allows your pencil to glide effortlessly.

Remember, these are just recommendations. Feel free to use the pencils, erasers, and papers that you’re most comfortable with!

Now, let’s dive into the drawing process!

How to Draw a Quiff in 5 Steps

The quiff, popularized in the 1950s by icons like James Dean and Elvis Presley, is a cool and messy hairstyle. Here’s how you can draw it:

1. Draw the Hairline

Start by sketching a male head and then outline the hairline. Shape the hairline in a rounded “M” pattern, extending from one ear to the other.

Shape the hairline like an "M"

2. Outline the Quiff

Use your pencil to outline the quiff. Begin by drawing a half-circle from the right ear, above the head, and connect it with the left side of the hairline. Then, add lines to connect the strands and create the desired messy look.

Outline the hair sections one by one to form a hairstyle

3. Erase the Guidelines

Before adding details, use a kneaded eraser to remove the head outline, leaving only the hairline visible.

Erase the head outline to avoid interference

4. Add the Details

Using your H pencil, add details to the quiff. Pay attention to the front part of the hair, emphasizing its wave-like shape. Extend short, curved lines from the roots to enhance the hair’s texture. Continue detailing the entire quiff, including the shorter hair sections above the ears.

Enhance the hair's texture by adding details

5. Shade Your Quiff Drawing

Finalize your quiff drawing by shading it using HB and B pencils. Start by adding more lines around the head to create a richer appearance. Differentiate the roots and sideburns by making them slightly darker. Use your eraser to add highlights and create a sense of dimension.

Your quiff drawing is now finished!

How to Draw an Ivy League Male Haircut in 5 Steps

The Ivy League haircut, also known as the Harvard Clip or Princeton, features slightly longer hair at the front that can be styled in various ways. Here’s how to draw it:

1. Draw the Hairline

Sketch the hairline by making a soft M-like shape in the middle, connecting the left and right sides of the head.

2. Outline the Ivy League Haircut

To achieve the brushed-up front look, draw three small horn-like shapes that slightly angle towards the right. Ensure they don’t extend past the head outline. Gradually shorten the shapes as you move closer to the temples. For the back of the head, draw a line following the head’s shape, slightly above it.

3. Add the Details

Enhance the lines at the front using your HB pencil. Add short lines close to the roots to make the hair appear fuller. Soften the outline of the hair at the back by adding more hair strands along the curve.

4. Erase the Guidelines

Carefully erase the head outline, removing it to focus solely on the haircut.

5. Shade Your Ivy League Haircut Drawing

Shade the haircut by starting with a single shade of grey. Then, use HB and B pencils to create different shades within the hair. Darken the roots and sideburns, and use your eraser to highlight the front and sides.

How to Draw Dreadlocks in 3 Steps

Dreadlocks are versatile and timeless, attracting people of all ages and genders. Though they may seem challenging to draw, we’ll show you a quick and easy approach:

1. Draw the Hairline

As usual, begin by sketching a straight hairline on the head.

2. Outline the Dreadlocks

For medium-length dreadlocks with a right-side parting, draw soft, curved lines that follow the head’s shape. Keep the lines short above the ear, reaching the brows and cheekbones on the left side. Gradually make the dreadlocks shorter from the ears to the top of the scalp.

3. Shade Your Dreadlocks Drawing

Start by coloring the entire hair in one shade of grey. Then, use HB and B pencils to darken the edges of each dreadlock. Lighten the surface of the dreadlocks using your eraser, creating a contrast with the rest of the hair.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully drawn male hairstyles, including a quiff, Ivy League haircut, and dreadlocks. Practice these techniques, and feel free to explore other tutorials on our YouTube channel!

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