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How To Draw Hinata Hyuga


Hey there, anime fans! In this tutorial, I’ll guide you through the process of drawing Hinata Hyuga from the beloved series Naruto. Known for her gentle and kind nature, Hinata is a powerful ninja and a valued member of Team 8. So, grab your pencils and let’s get started!

Sketching Hinata’s Head and Upper Body

To begin, let’s draw Hinata’s head and upper body. Start with a circle for her head and add a neck and shoulders. For her hair, draw two curved lines coming down from the top of her head, and then add more lines to create her bangs and flowing hair.

Capturing Hinata’s Face

Moving on to Hinata’s face, let’s focus on her beautiful eyes. Draw her large, almond-shaped eyes with long eyelashes. Don’t forget to add her small nose and mouth, and give her a gentle smile.

Creating Hinata’s Fashionable Attire

Now let’s tackle Hinata’s outfit. She wears a white shirt with a green jacket. Draw the collar of her shirt and then add the lines for her jacket. Finally, include some folds to give her clothes a realistic appearance.

Understanding Hinata’s Features and Proportions

Now, let’s take a closer look at Hinata’s distinct features and proportions. With her large almond-shaped eyes, small nose, and full lips, Hinata possesses a unique and captivating look. Keep in mind that she has a petite build, with a relatively small head, long slender neck, and delicate limbs.

Step-by-Step Drawing Guide

To draw Hinata, start with a pencil sketch. Begin with a small oval for her head, then add her neck and shoulders. Next, draw two small circles for her eyes and a small triangle for her nose. Finally, add lines for her mouth and hair.

Inking and Coloring

After your pencil sketch is complete, it’s time to ink your drawing. Use a black pen or marker to carefully trace over your initial lines. Take your time to avoid any mistakes. Once you’re done with the inking, add color to your drawing. Use light pink for Hinata’s skin, light blue for her eyes, and dark brown for her hair.

Sketching the Basic Structure of Hinata’s Face

To capture Hinata’s likeness, it’s crucial to understand the structure of her face. Begin by drawing the basic shape of her face, keeping in mind her large, almond-shaped eyes, high cheekbones, and small mouth. Pay attention to the distinctive hairstyle where her hair is parted in the middle and styled in low ponytails.

Adding Facial Details and Expressions

Now it’s time to add detail and expression to Hinata’s face. Focus on drawing her eyes, remembering to include small dots for pupils and long eyelashes. Don’t forget to add her small nose and curved lips. For a gentle look, give her a modest smile and consider adding small dots for her iris.

Drawing Hinata’s Hair and Hairstyle

Hinata’s hair and hairstyle can be quite tricky but fear not! Let’s break it down step-by-step. Start by drawing her long, straight black hair that falls down her back to her waist. Add individual strands of hair, making them thinner and more numerous as they move away from the top of her head. Don’t forget to add shading for depth and dimension.

Creating Hinata’s Outfit and Accessories

As we continue our drawing, let’s focus on Hinata’s outfit and accessories. Draw her typical attire, including a loose-fitting white shirt with a green jacket over it. Pay attention to the collar of her shirt and the folds in her clothes. Don’t forget to add her signature headband and earrings as well.

Adding Shading and Highlights to Bring Hinata to Life

To add an extra dimension to your drawing, let’s explore shading and highlights. Use a medium-sized pencil to fill in the darker areas of Hinata’s hair and clothing. For lighter areas, employ a white or light-colored pencil to add highlights. Finally, add depth to her eyes and lips using darker shades and add shininess to her lips for a more realistic effect.

Capturing Hinata’s Gentle and Determined Personality

Hinata’s personality shines through in her artwork, and we want to capture that essence in our drawing. Begin by sketching the basic shape of Hinata, keeping in mind her gentle features. Refine her face and features, paying attention to her large, almond-shaped eyes, small nose, and thin lips. Lastly, finish up by adding her distinct hairstyle and clothing.

Refining the Hinata Hyuga Drawing with Finishing Touches

In this section, we’ll add the finishing touches to our Hinata drawing to enhance its polish and realism. Start with a basic sketch of Hinata’s face and body using light pencil strokes. Then, add shading with a medium-sized pencil to create depth and volume. Employ a white or light-colored pencil to add highlights. Finally, add details like shadows under her eyes and wrinkles to convey expressions.

That’s it! With these step-by-step instructions, you now have the knowledge to draw Hinata Hyuga like a pro. So, grab your drawing tools and let your creativity flow. Have fun and happy drawing!

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