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How to Draw Lips Step by Step

This step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of drawing lips effortlessly. It provides clear line drawing and coloring examples, accompanied by concise explanations for each step.

Lips drawing step by step

Before we dive into the tutorial, it’s important to note that simplicity is key. While the tutorial doesn’t involve intricate details or complex shading, it is recommended to start with a pencil. This allows room for adjustments and corrections without leaving permanent marks. You can always darken the lines later with a black pen or marker.

Step 1 – Outlining the Upper Lips

Begin by sketching the upper part of the lips. This outline will resemble a slightly flattened letter “M” shape.

Lips top drawing

For better symmetry, you may optionally add a horizontal line down the center of the lips (shown in blue in the example). This line helps ensure both sides of the lips are evenly proportioned.

Step 2 – Outlining the Lower Lips

Next, add the bottom part of the lips using a pair of curves that meet in the middle.

Lips outline drawing

The centerline can be a helpful guide during this step as well.

Step 3 – Finalizing the Line Drawing

To complete the line drawing, depict the separation between the top and bottom lip. Use smooth curves on each side, forming a subtle “dip” in the center. If you opted to draw a centerline, you can erase it after this step.

Lips line drawing

Go over your drawing with a black pen or darken the lines using the pencil (as mentioned earlier) to enhance the overall appearance.

Step 4 – Adding Color to the Lips

When coloring, make the upper lip a slightly darker shade of red and the bottom lip a lighter, more pink hue. To depict the wet and reflective nature of the lips, leave a few highlighted areas.

Lips drawing

The placement and shape of the highlights may vary, but generally, the upper lip highlight is around the cupid’s bow (the dip in the top lip). The highlights on the lower lip tend to be in the middle. In this case, there will be two highlights on each side, with one having a slight break. These breaks indicate subtle wrinkles that naturally occur on lips.

Outline the highlight areas lightly before coloring to ensure you don’t accidentally color over them. You can use a regular pencil or a red one, aiming for outlines that blend seamlessly with the color.

After coloring, you can gently go over the highlights with a touch of red to prevent them from standing out too much. With that, your lips drawing is almost complete!


Drawing beautiful lips is a breeze, even without intricate details or elaborate shading. By creating a well-balanced and symmetrical line drawing, along with simple coloring and highlights, you can achieve stunning results.

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