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How To Draw a Panda: 10 Easy Drawing Projects

Today is the perfect day to master the art of drawing pandas. These adorable black and white bears can be depicted in various styles, so the first step is to choose the style that appeals to you the most.

How To Draw a Panda

Once you have settled on a style, you can begin sketching your panda. Remember to add personality to your drawing. It may take some practice to achieve perfection, but with time, you’ll be effortlessly depicting these friendly creatures.

Essential Tips for Drawing a Panda

To help you bring your panda drawings to life, here are some valuable tips to consider:

  • Embrace Red or Black/White Pandas: Red pandas have been gaining popularity lately, so don’t hesitate to draw one instead of the traditional giant panda.
  • Focus on Developing Cuteness: Pandas are renowned for their cuteness. While you have the freedom to depict your panda in any way you desire, capturing its inherent adorableness is often the preferred approach.
  • Incorporate Bamboo, the Iconic Element: Pandas mostly survive on bamboo. Adding bamboo to your drawing not only provides a vibrant touch of color but also adds authenticity to the scene.
  • Capture the Unique Eye Patches: The panda’s eye patches are not perfectly circular; instead, they face downward, resembling the melancholic eyes of a bloodhound.
  • Highlight the Black Chest: The panda’s arms, legs, and part of its chest are black. Make sure to outline the black areas, creating the illusion of a cropped top wrapping around the chest.
  • Avoid Excessive Shading: Reserve the use of 6B shading for crevices only. In general, 4B shading yields better results for achieving the desired depth and shadows.
  • Let Creativity Flourish: Drawing pandas offers an excellent opportunity to infuse whimsical elements into your artwork, allowing your imagination to run wild.

How to Draw a Panda: 10 Fun Drawing Projects

If you’re uncertain where to begin your panda drawing journey, following tutorials can provide unique ideas and guidance. Here are ten engaging drawing projects to explore:

1. How to Draw a Red Panda

How to Draw a Red Panda

Even though red pandas aren’t technically bears, they are still considered pandas. You can learn how to draw these delightful creatures by following the tutorial provided by Easy Drawing Guides.

2. How to Draw a Cute Panda

How to Draw a Cute Panda

If you’re seeking a great starting point, drawing a cute panda is an excellent choice. The channel 365Sketches offers a helpful tutorial that you can follow to create an adorable panda.

3. How to Draw a Giant Panda

How to Draw a Giant Panda

The giant panda, with its classic black and white coloring, is an iconic symbol. Learn to accurately depict this magnificent creature with a step-by-step tutorial from How2DrawAnimals.

4. How to Draw a Panda Face

How to Draw a Panda Face

If you’re honing your animal drawing skills, start by mastering the art of drawing panda faces. DrawInGeek provides a simple tutorial to help you create captivating panda faces.

5. How to Draw a Cartoon Panda

How to Draw a Cartoon Panda

Cartoon pandas are known for their playful and endearing characteristics. How2DrawAnimals offers an enchanting tutorial on how to draw these delightful cartoon pandas that will surely capture your heart.

6. How to Draw a Panda for Kids

How to Draw a Panda for Kids

Kids can also enjoy the experience of drawing pandas while having fun. Art for Kids Hub presents a fantastic tutorial specifically designed for children to learn how to draw pandas.

7. How to Draw a Panda Eating Bamboo

How to Draw a Panda Eating Bamboo

Depicting a panda munching on bamboo can be achieved in various ways, but drawing a cartoonish panda is the simplest approach. Winnicorn offers a delightful tutorial on drawing a cute panda enjoying its favorite bamboo treat.

8. How to Draw an Anime Panda

How to Draw an Anime Panda

Anime pandas often possess human-like traits, interests, and unique personalities. Taposhi Arts Academy has an excellent tutorial for creating captivating anime pandas.

9. How to Draw a Baby Panda

How to Draw a Baby Panda

Drawing baby pandas involves capturing their charming features—large or closed eyes, prominent heads, and clumsily adorable limbs. Learn Step by Step provides an insightful tutorial on creating lovable baby pandas.

10. How to Draw the Panda From “Turning Red”

How to Draw the Panda From Turning Red

Mai Lee undergoes a remarkable transformation into a red panda in the movie “Turning Red.” You can learn how to draw her panda form by following Drawbook’s informative tutorial.

How to Draw a Realistic Panda: Step-by-Step Guide

Drawing realistic pandas can be a challenging task. However, once you grasp the step-by-step process, you’ll be able to create these lifelike creatures without relying on tutorial assistance.

Required Supplies:

  • Paper
  • 2B pencil
  • 4B pencil
  • 6B pencil
  • Blending stump

Step 1: Draw a Circle and Cross

When drawing a realistic panda, begin by sketching a circle. Add a cross inside the circle to determine the direction the face will be facing.

Step 2: Draw a Mouth Circle and Ears

Next, draw a circle at the center bottom of the cross. Then, incorporate two ears peeking out from the northwest and northeast corners of the head.

Step 3: Draw Three Body Circles

Sketch one circle that is partly concealed by the head. Another circle should be drawn to the left, remaining visible. Connect these two circles with a circle placed behind them.

Step 4: Draw Leg Lines

Proceed by sketching simple lines to represent the legs. Since the panda is in a walking stance, make one front leg extend forward and the other point slightly backward.

Step 5: Draw Eyes and Nose

Now, it’s time to add details. Draw two eyes above the circle representing the snout. Position a nose at the lower end of the snout circle.

Step 6: Add Fur

Enhance the drawing by incorporating furry edges to all previously sketched elements. For the legs, add toes and fur lines to create volume and texture.

Step 7: Define Black and White Areas

After outlining the fur lines, lightly mark the areas that should be black. Leave the remaining sections white, distinguishing the iconic black and white panda coloration.

Step 8: Shade and Blend

Commence shading by using a 4B pencil for black areas and a 2B pencil for shadowed regions. Limit the use of a 6B pencil to darken specific areas, such as the ears and pupils.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Pandas Difficult to Draw?

Drawing pandas is no more challenging than depicting any other animal. However, achieving perfection might require practice. Initially, you might overlook crucial details, but with time and perseverance, drawing pandas will become second nature.

What Symbolism Do Pandas Hold in Art?

Pandas have long symbolized luck and peace. They represent the heart chakra, which encourages self-compassion and empathy towards others.

Why Learn to Draw Pandas?

There are numerous reasons to learn the art of drawing pandas. Whether you want to create a personalized gift for a panda enthusiast or strengthen your connection to the heart chakra, mastering panda drawings offers both creative and meaningful advantages.


Once you’ve mastered the art of drawing pandas, you’ll possess a versatile skill set. You’ll be able to draw other magnificent bears like grizzlies and polar bears. While each species has unique characteristics, the knowledge and techniques acquired through drawing pandas can be applied to depict an array of bear species.

Panda bears hold a special place in the hearts of many. Aspiring artists, or those already established in the field, may find themselves receiving panda-related commissions. Nonetheless, the ability to draw anything is a valuable skill in itself, making it a worthwhile endeavor for anyone.

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