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I must admit, I recently had an epiphany that left me feeling quite foolish. For years, I’ve been drawing and coloring fire completely wrong! And guess what? I’m not alone. Artists across various genres on the internet are making the same mistake. Just take a look at the countless tutorials on how to draw fire, especially on Pinterest! It seems that coloring fire in reverse has become the norm. Maybe it’s time we redefine art, just as dictionaries include new words based on common usage. So, let’s dive into this topic and finally set the record straight!

Perfecting the Art of Drawing Fire

Realistic Flames

A Helpful Video Guide

Before we delve into the intricacies of drawing fire, you might find it useful to watch the video below or click here to view it on YouTube.

Embracing Realism

When observing photographs of single candle flames, it becomes apparent that capturing the essence of a candle flame on a clean white paper without any background is quite challenging. Life rarely presents us with purely white surroundings, so attempting to draw a white candle flame on a white background is bound to lead to disappointment. However, if your artwork includes a background, particularly a dark one, you can add red, orange, or yellow hues at the edges of the flame to create a white-hot highlight at the center, ensuring it appears vibrant and bright.

Realistic Flames

Mastering Cartoon Fire

Drawing realistic fire in a cartoonish style poses its own unique challenges. One common issue is the presence of black lines within the interior of the flames. To overcome this, you can opt to color the outer edges of the flames with red, orange, and yellow shades, allowing the center to appear white (with an optional tiny spot of blue). An alternative approach involves stamping the flames using a light ink, making it easier to cover the interior white lines with a white pen, resulting in a more natural-looking color transition. To enhance the realism, consider adding a black background, diffused red hues around the flames, and bounced colors onto the ground.

Realistic Flames

Exploring Campfire Imagery

For a bit of fun, let’s examine a campfire illustration featuring neatly stacked logs forming a tent shape. Applying the same color impressions around the outer edges brings a vibrant energy to the flames, while the intricate shapes create a lively and dynamic composition.

Realistic Flames

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Realistic Flames

Supporting a Worthy Cause

In addition to our drawing lessons, I’ve created a delightful printable featuring marshmallows that’s incredibly simple to color. The best part? All proceeds from this printable will be donated to Royal Family Kids Camp, a charity I had the pleasure of working with in the past. Their mission is to provide abused and neglected children with a week-long camp experience, offering them a glimpse of a life filled with love.

Realistic Flames

More Summer Inspiration

Need additional ideas to make the most of your summer? Look no further! I’ve curated a vast collection of summer inspiration right here. Alternatively, feel free to explore specific media, themes, brands, and more using the images below:

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