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How To Draw Sasuke – A Step by Step Guide

The Naruto manga and TV series are filled with captivating and distinctive characters. Among them, Sasuke stands out with his cool appearance and complex personality, making him a fan-favorite. If you’re one of the many Sasuke enthusiasts wanting to showcase your appreciation for this character, learning how to draw Sasuke is a must.

Drawing the detailed characters from Naruto can be challenging, which is why we’ve created this step-by-step guide to help you. In just seven easy steps, you’ll be able to master the art of drawing Sasuke and bring him to life. Let’s get started!

Step 1: Begin with the Head

drawing Sasuke step 1

To start, let’s focus on Sasuke’s head. Begin by drawing his spiky hair, which partially covers his eyes. Create larger spikes on the top and smaller ones at the bottom. Then, draw the lower part of his face beneath the hair, followed by a simple line for his mouth. Complete this step by adding curved and pointy lines for his large collar.

Step 2: Add Shoulders and Sleeves

drawing Sasuke step 2

Continuing with your Sasuke drawing, it’s time to add facial details and more of his attire. Use small circles and curved lines to depict his eyes, followed by simple lines for his nose and mouth. Then, draw the top of his sleeves and the zipped-up front of his outfit using curved lines.

Step 3: Draw Arms and Rope Belt

drawing Sasuke step 3

In this step, we’ll add more details to Sasuke’s arms and the rope belt around his waist. Start by drawing slightly curved lines for his arms, extending down from the sleeves. Next, carefully draw the rope belt, which consists of interconnected curved lines. This may require some patience, but the effort will be worth it!

Step 4: Sketch the Sword and More Rope Belt

drawing Sasuke step 4

Great progress so far! Now, focus on drawing Sasuke holding his sword. Begin by sketching his hand, followed by straight lines to depict the sword. Continue by adding more small curved lines to represent additional rope hanging down from his belt.

Step 5: Complete the Outfit

drawing Sasuke step 5

In this step, we’ll add the top section of Sasuke’s legs. Use curved lines to create the garment beneath his belt, with it draping over his legs. Then, draw straighter curved lines for the top halves of his legs. Once you’ve completed this step, only a few final details remain before you can begin coloring.

Step 6: Finish with the Legs

drawing Sasuke step 6

To finalize your Sasuke drawing, focus on his legs. Use straight lines to sketch his shins, and then carefully draw his feet in his shoes. This completes the main steps of the drawing, but you can add your own personal touches to enhance the final result. Consider adding a cool background or additional characters to add more personality to your drawing.

Bonus: Personalize Your Sasuke Drawing

Take your Sasuke artwork to the next level by adding some personal flair. In the original guide, we depicted Sasuke wearing one of his anime and manga outfits. However, you can unleash your creativity and explore different clothing options or incorporate special weapons he has used throughout the series.

You can use your favorite Sasuke moments as inspiration for the background, freezing an iconic scene from the Naruto manga or anime. Additionally, consider adding other beloved Naruto characters that Sasuke has interacted with. By tweaking his pose or facial expression, you can make your drawing unique without straying too far from the original design. The possibilities are endless!

Step 7: Bring Sasuke to Life with Colors

drawing Sasuke step 7

In the final step of this guide, it’s time to add color to your Sasuke drawing. For a faithful representation, refer to the reference image and use light greys and blues for his outfit, and black for his hair. However, feel free to experiment with your own color choices and unleash your artistic preferences. Choose your preferred art mediums and tools to bring your drawing to life. We can’t wait to see your colorful creation!

Three Additional Tips for an Easy Sasuke Drawing

To make your Sasuke drawing even easier, consider these three helpful tips:

  1. Simplify the style: You can adapt the style by making Sasuke’s features simpler or exploring different artistic interpretations. Whether you opt for a cartoon-like rendition or a more realistic approach, choose a style that feels comfortable to you.

  2. Use basic shapes: Drawing humans with realistic proportions can be challenging. Simplify the process by using wooden drawing models or sketching basic shapes to establish the head, body, and limbs’ proportions. Gradually add more details until you achieve the desired Sasuke drawing.

  3. Refer to the source material: Utilize the Naruto anime and manga as references to capture the smaller details accurately. Freeze your favorite episode or page to ensure your drawing stays true to Sasuke’s appearances. Combine these references with the tips provided to create an impressive Sasuke drawing.

Your Sasuke Drawing is Complete!

Congratulations! You’ve successfully followed all seven steps of this tutorial and created an impressive portrayal of Sasuke. Drawing Sasuke can be challenging due to the intricate details involved, but breaking it down into manageable steps makes it an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

Now it’s time to add your own personal touch to the drawing. Explore various ideas such as adding a background, introducing more Naruto characters, or incorporating your creative twists. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

For more drawing fun, be sure to visit our website. We offer a wide range of amazing tutorials, with new ones added frequently. We would love to see your completed Sasuke drawing, so feel free to share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages for everyone to enjoy.

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