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How to Draw Shoto Todoroki from My Hero Academia

“Never lose sight of who you want to be!”
Todoroki, Shoto

One side is made of fire, while the other is made of ice.

Shoto Todoroki lives in a world where nearly everyone has Quirks, which are abilities. His father is a master of fire and a No. 1 Hero. His mother is a heavy ice user. Todoroki was born with both. This is why he has such a distinct appearance.

Todoroki’s harsh and aloof demeanor stems from his traumatic and abusive childhood. His father pushed him relentlessly to become a great Hero, denying him a childhood.

His mother got emotionally unstable and attempted to extinguish his fire abilities with boiling water, leaving him with a big scar on his face.

For many years, Todoroki hesitated to use his fire abilities due to his upbringing. His powers reappear during a match with Izuku Midoriya, and he begins to reconcile his thoughts toward his parents.

Todoroki’s abilities allow him to manipulate the temperature of his surroundings, freezing objects or producing gigantic ice crystals with his right hand and launching flames with his left.

One disadvantage of the Half-Cold Half-Hot Quirk is that it affects his body temperature if he uses it for a lengthy period of time. His fire abilities may cause his garments to be consumed by flames.

Would you like to make a cartoon of My Hero Academia’s Shoto Todoroki? This simple, step-by-step anime cartoon drawing tutorial will show you just how to do it.

A pencil, an eraser, and a piece of paper are all you’ll need. You should also color the completed drawing.

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Step 1. Use a long curved line to outline

Outline the rounded form of Todoroki’s face with a long curving line. Using curved vertical and horizontal lines that cross at a perpendicular angle, draw a “t” form over the face. The eyes, nose, and mouth will be placed along these lines as recommendations.

Step 2. Draw the eyes, centered on the horizontal line.

Outline the straining contour of the eyes using curving lines. Within each eye, draw a half-circle for the iris and shade the small round pupil within it. Draw a brow over each anime eye with a strong curving line. Then, using curved lines, draw the nose, nostrils, and frowning mouth using the vertical line as a reference.

Step 3. Erase the guide lines from the face

Remove the guide lines from Todoroki’s face and start drawing his spiky manga hair. Draw his bangs as they fall between his eyes using pairs of curving lines that intersect at jagged places.

Step 4. Continue drawing hair on the sides of the face.

Use pairs of curving lines that intersect at jagged places once more. Curved lines should be used to outline the ears.

Step 5. Use long, overlapping curved lines to draw the hair

Draw the hair on the top of the head with long, overlapping curved lines. Take note of how the lines come together at the crown. Then keep painting jagged hair strands.

Step 6. Erase guide lines from the hair.

Draw curved lines down the middle of the scalp, meeting at jagged points in some places. His two-toned hair is distinguished by this. To show the scar, draw a curving line across the face, between the hair strands. To outline the neck, extend a couple of lines below the head.

Step 7. Use curved lines to outline the collar

Outline the collar and opening of the garment with curving lines. Short curving lines are used to provide detail to the neck.

Step 8. Use overlapping curved lines

Draw the outer margins of the collar, fabric folds, and shoulders with overlapping curved lines.

Step 9. Detail the garment with curved lines.

Fill up the blanks with your own Shoto Todoroki animation. His hair is white on the right side, and his eye is grey. His hair is crimson on his left side, and his eye is turquoise.


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