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Giving your characters captivating hairstyles in your artwork not only showcases their individuality but also adds an element of fun to your drawings. Braids have always been popular, and while they might seem intricate to recreate, breaking them down into simple steps makes drawing them a breeze.

When it comes to drawing braids, colored pencils are the ideal medium to use. Their unique ability to layer colors and create depth allows you to achieve realistic and stunning results. That’s why I recommend using Arteza Colored Pencils for this tutorial. With their highly saturated cores, these pencils enable you to effortlessly create light highlights, soft tones, deep shadows, and the subtle nuances of real hair.

Step-by-Step Guide to Drawing Braids

Before diving into the tutorial, start by lightly sketching the head and marking the desired braid placement. For this initial sketch, I suggest using an H or HB pencil with a harder lead, as it allows for faint lines that are easy to erase without damaging the paper. Familiarize yourself with the instructions before beginning, ensuring you’re fully prepared for each step.

Side Braid with Ponytail

Pro Tip: When applying the first layer of color, be gentle with the pencil, applying minimal pressure. This layer should be light, as it will serve as the base for creating highlights in the hair.

Side Braid with Bun

Double Braid with Buns

Pro Tip: To enhance the realism of your drawing, follow the shape of the head when positioning the hair’s part and initial braid sections.

Recommendations for Drawing Braids

To bring your braid drawings to life, consider these helpful suggestions:

  • Add volume: Use different shades within the same color to create volume in the hair. Start with lighter shades and gradually build up to darker ones. Apply darker tones near the roots and around the face.
  • Flow with the hair: When sketching lines, follow the direction in which the hair is naturally growing.
  • Attention to detail: During the final stages of your drawing, add small, individual strands of hair for added realism.
  • Master color layering: Colored pencils allow you to blend colors and create stunning gradients. Layer one color over another, but make sure not to exert too much pressure or exceed 2-3 layers at a time.
  • Complete each step: To maximize your results and create the best braid drawings possible, ensure you follow each step diligently without skipping any.

Just like the color of someone’s eyes or the shape of their nose, their hairstyle defines their identity. I hope these simple tutorials have inspired you to explore different hairstyles, including braids, and have fun incorporating them into your artwork. Now that you’ve learned the fundamentals of drawing braids with colored pencils, there’s no doubt you’ll continue to use this medium to bring a variety of captivating and fun hairstyles to the characters in your artwork!

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