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How to Draw Wings – A Feathered Angel Wings Drawing Lesson

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Angel wings are known for their beauty and grace. However, drawing them can be a challenge. But fear not! In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process of drawing and painting feathered angel wings, step by step. By the end, you’ll be able to replicate them perfectly. So, if you’re looking for an easy tutorial on drawing wings, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Draw Angel Wings

To begin, let’s first plan the stages of drawing angel wings. The key to achieving perfect symmetry is to create construction lines as a foundation. Take a look at the wing drawings below to get a better understanding of how the sketch will unfold.

Steps for Drawing Wings

Expert Tip: Before you start, decide which drawing and coloring medium you’d like to use, whether it’s pencils, paint, or a digital painting tablet.

Step 1: The Foundation Topline

Start by deciding the center point of your wings and draw a straight line from there towards the top of the page at an angle. This line will serve as the arch for your first wing.

Wings Sketch 1

Step 2: Drawing the Curve of the Angel Wing

Now, at the left end of the foundation line, draw a downward curve resembling a half-moon shape. This will form the arch for the wings.

Wings Sketch 2

Step 3: Drawing the Shape of Your Angel Wings

This step has two parts. First, draw a short line angled diagonally to the left from the end of the half-moon curve. This line will determine the size of your wings. Then, complete the wing shape by adding a large curved line from the top tip of the foundation line to the bottom of the short connection line.

Wings Sketch 3

Step 4: Mirroring Your First Angel Wing Drawing

To draw the second wing, mirror what you have already done in the previous steps. Remember to leave a small gap between the wings for proper symmetry.

Wings Sketch 4

Step 5: Adding the First Feather Layer to Your Easy Angel Wing Drawing

To create dimension, start adding the first layer of small, plump feathers along the border of the half-moon-shaped curve from Step 2. Don’t worry about precision here. Have fun with it!

Wings Sketch 5

Step 6: Drawing the Outline of Your Angel Wing Sketch

Focus on the top part of the wings and draw the main feather layer. Outline the middle half-moon-shaped curve, and extend the line along the top part of the wings. This line will define the shape of your angel wings.

Wings Sketch 6

Step 7: Creating the Second Layer of Feathers for Your Angel Wings Sketch

Continuing with the trend of the half-moon curve, add the second and third layers of feathers. These layers can be larger than the first layer, adding to the expanding feeling of the wings.

Wings Sketch 7

Step 8: Adding More Feathers to Your Angel Wing Drawing

In this step, add the third layer of smaller, plump feathers. These feathers can curve downwards as you draw the bottom part. Refer to the example for guidance.

Wings Sketch 8

Step 9: Creating the Mid-Feathers on the Angel Wings Drawing

Add the fourth layer of slightly larger feathers to the middle half-moon curve. These feathers will give your wings more definition and depth. Start with larger and longer feathers at the top, gradually becoming smaller towards the bottom.

Wings Sketch 9

Step 10: Finishing Your Drawing of Angel Wings

Complete your wing sketch by drawing large feathers on each wing. The feathers at the top should be larger and curved, gradually decreasing in size towards the middle. Finally, erase the foundation lines.

Wings Sketch 10

Step 11: Adding More Detail to Your Angel Wing Drawing

Now, add detail to the feathers by drawing a small line in the center of each feather. This will create depth and movement. As you move down the rows, make the lines longer to match the size of the feathers.

Wings Sketch 11

Step 12: Adding a Base Color to Your Angel Wing Drawing

Begin the coloring process by applying an even base coat of ivory cream or white paint with a regular paintbrush. Keep it light, as this is only the base.

Wings Sketch 12

Step 13: Adding Contour to Your Angel Wing Drawing

To create depth and shadows, use a sharp black or dark grey pencil crayon to accentuate the dimensions of the feathers. Apply a small amount of paint or use a fine blending paintbrush. You can also contour the edges of the larger feathers.

Wings Sketch 13

Step 14: Adding Shading to Your Angel Wing Drawing

Add shading to your drawing to accentuate the light and create a three-dimensional effect. Use a small blending paintbrush or sharpen your colored pencil and add gentle shadows to the outline of the wings.

Wings Sketch 14

Step 15: Completing Your Angel Wings Drawing

To finish, gently erase the foundation lines and trace over the outline of your wings with white paint or colored pencil. For added texture and detail, use light grey paint or colored pencil to trace the inner part of the wings.

Wings Sketch 15

Expert Tip: Congratulations! You have successfully completed your stunning angel wing drawing. We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step tutorial and are satisfied with the outcome. Always remember to use foundation lines and break down the drawing into simple steps.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to Draw Wings Easily?

Drawing wings can be challenging, but with the right approach, it becomes easy. Start with a foundation line and layer the feathers to create an expanding effect. Our tutorial simplifies the process, making it easy for everyone.

Can You Make Three-Dimensional Wing Drawings?

Yes, to create a three-dimensional effect, focus on contouring and shading between the layered feathers. Our step-by-step tutorial will guide you through this technique.

Which Color Should I Choose for My Angel Wings Sketch?

The color of your angel wings drawing is entirely up to you. While we use ivory cream and white in this tutorial for a traditional look, feel free to be creative and let your imagination soar.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Enjoy the process and let your creativity take flight!

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