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How to Draw A Jordan Shoe – A Step by Step Guide

When it comes to shoes, there is a wide variety of options available, each serving different purposes. One such iconic brand of footwear is the Jordan shoe. Known for its style and versatility, learning how to sketch a Jordan shoe can be both enjoyable and satisfying.

In this comprehensive guide, we will take you through the step-by-step process of creating your very own stylish pair of Jordan sneakers.

Let’s Get Started!

Step 1: Outline the Top of the Shoe

Drawing shoes can sometimes be challenging, especially when they have intricate details. In this guide, we will start by outlining the top of the shoe. Begin by drawing irregular lines to represent the back of the shoe, leading to the opening and the slope of the front. Also, include a long rounded shape near the opening for the lace details.

Step 2: Add Some Detailing to the Sneaker

Continuing with your Jordan shoe sketch, it’s time to add more details. Start by drawing a strap-like feature near the back of the shoe. Simply draw curved lines from the top of the back, extending towards the laces. Remember to keep it simple for now.

Step 3: Incorporate the Iconic Nike “Tick” Symbol

These sneakers are produced by Nike, so including their famous tick symbol is essential. Draw slightly curved lines from the back of the shoe, curving inwards to form the end of the tick. This symbol is a trademark of Jordan shoes and adds authenticity to your sketch.

Step 4: Enhance the Shoe with Further Details

To make your sketch more true-to-life, it’s time to add additional details to the shoe. Refer to the reference picture and focus on the central area of the shoe. Use slightly curved lines to connect various elements and create more intricate patterns.

Step 5: Draw the Laces and Other Finishing Touches

In this step, you will draw the laces. Recall the long rounded shape you drew earlier and use it to create the row of laces. Each lace may have a slightly different angle and length, so refer closely to the reference picture. Additionally, add some simple line details near the front of the shoe.

Step 6: Add Final Touches to Complete the Drawing

Before adding color, finalize the sketch by adding a few last details. Use curved lines to create the base of the shoe, ensuring it appears thick. For added texture, incorporate small lines onto the base. Finally, add dots to the tip of the shoe. Should you desire, feel free to add any personal touches or background elements to customize your drawing further.

Step 7: Bring Your Drawing to Life with Color

To make your Jordan shoe sketch truly remarkable, fill it with vibrant colors. While the reference image features a red, black, and grey color scheme, feel free to use your preferred colors. Personalize your drawing according to your taste and style. You can also color any additional objects or background details you included.

3 More Tips to Make Your Jordan Shoe Sketch Easier!

Drawing an iconic shoe like the Jordan can be challenging, but these tips will make the process more manageable:

  1. Start with the shoe’s overall shape before focusing on intricate details. Don’t worry about achieving perfection in your first attempt. Practice with multiple sketches, gradually adding more details until satisfied.

  2. Consider incorporating the Jordan shoe into a larger image that includes other sports clothing or equipment. This spreads the focus and allows for more flexibility, reducing the pressure to perfect every minute detail.

  3. If possible, use a real pair of Jordan shoes as a reference. Analyze their shape and details closely for accuracy. If you don’t have access, high-definition images can serve as excellent references.

Your Jordan Shoe Sketch is Complete!

With the final details added and colors filled in, you have successfully completed this guide on how to sketch a Jordan shoe. While there were many intricate details to consider, we hope this tutorial made the process enjoyable and straightforward for you.

Now, it’s time to unleash your creativity and personalize your drawing. Whether you wish to add more details or experiment with unique colors and materials, we can’t wait to see your final masterpiece!

Remember, if you’re up for more drawing challenges, visit our website. We offer a wide range of guides covering various subjects, ensuring something for everyone to enjoy. Once you finish your remarkable Jordan shoe sketch, share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We eagerly anticipate seeing your finished creation!

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