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Drawing a spaceship a day

Embracing the #spaceshipaday Movement

Recently, I stumbled upon an intriguing Twitter thread called #spaceshipaday, initiated by the talented artist and designer, Jeff Zugale. Like me, Jeff employed the classic method of using pens and design markers, along with a 5.5″ x 8″ ring-bound sketchbook. The challenge was to complete each spaceship sketch within a 45-minute time frame. To my surprise, Jeff’s creations gained significant attention and were even featured on Kotaku, a popular gaming website.

An Artistic Passion Since Childhood

Drawing spaceships has been a lifelong passion of mine. My notebooks and sketchbooks are filled with intricate designs and captivating science fiction scenes. I remember how my teachers used to be amused (and sometimes annoyed) as they graded my papers surrounded by these little spaceships. One co-worker summed it up perfectly, saying, “Chris was always drawing little spaceships all over the place. ALWAYS. It’d be annoying if he wasn’t so damn good about it…” Although I pursued a degree in Industrial Design to enhance my drawing skills, I seldom shared my spaceship artwork with others, except for a select few close friends. However, inspired by Jeff’s thread, I decided to jump on the #spaceshipaday bandwagon and join in the fun. Thank you, Jeff, for sparking this creative movement.

Unveiling My Spaceship-A-Day Process

Similar to Jeff, I stick to the 45-minute time limit for my spaceship sketches, although I must admit that some of mine have occasionally stretched to 60 minutes. To begin, I lightly sketch the rough shape using a 2H pencil, before meticulously tracing it with various fine-line ink pens (ranging from .03 to .06, and occasionally .01). I then apply a few rounds of shading using light gray design markers, opting for different percentages (20%-40% or even 70% for darker details) depending on the desired effect. In some cases, I employ a brush pen to add painterly ink tones, creating a more textured appearance.

Photo Aug 04, 3 39 15 PM (1)

Moving forward, I will start posting my spaceship sketches here on my website regularly. However, you’re also welcome to follow my Twitter account for real-time updates. Feel free to let me know in the comments if you’d like to see a video showcasing my drawing process.

Infusing Vibrant Colors into My Creations

To add an extra dimension to some of my drawings, I’ve explored the realm of Procreate on my iPad, which allows me to introduce captivating colors into the mix. Again, I strive to maintain a 60-minute time limit, aiming for a colored sketch or a mood board representation of the spaceship. Eventually, I select a few of these pieces and transform them into fully rendered artworks.

This experimentation with different tools is an integral part of my artistic journey. For instance, I recently tried out a portable watercolor set, delving into the world of traditional media alongside digital techniques.

Photo Aug 07, 5 17 16 PM

From Paper to LEGO: Collaboration with a Fellow Creative

Daniel Fortine, a talented UX Designer and a dear friend of mine, shares a profound passion for the art of building with bricks. He showed immense appreciation for one of my spaceship drawings and took it upon himself to recreate it using LEGO pieces. Here’s a glimpse of his incredible work:


Daniel actively contributes to a vibrant community of ship designers on Flickr, where his creations shine alongside other masterpieces. Best of luck, Daniel!

The Ultimate Purpose: Becoming a Professional Artist

My spaceship drawings are a crucial part of my long-term strategy to establish myself as a professional artist, specializing in space, astronomy, and science fiction art. Over the past three years, I’ve dedicated myself to honing the necessary skills while exploring a wide range of tools, media, and processes, including both digital and traditional methods. Slowly but surely, I’m gaining recognition as an artist, and through my work, I aim to showcase my capabilities and connect with fellow enthusiasts. So, if you ever need a spaceship design, don’t hesitate to reach out. Together, let’s explore the boundless wonders of the cosmos.

Alexia Young

Hello and welcome to the world of Alexia. I am a passionate and dedicated artist who loves to create beautiful, mesmerizing art for everyone's walls. I believe in the importance of encouraging people to express their creativity and be happy.

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