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How to Draw Spider-Man’s Head

spider-man drawing

Welcome to this exciting drawing tutorial where we will guide you step by step on how to draw Spider-Man’s head. If you’ve successfully tackled our lesson on drawing Wolverine’s head, then you can conquer this one too! We’ve simplified the Spider-Man head drawing process by breaking it down into straightforward steps and providing detailed explanations. So, let’s dive in and learn how to draw Spider-Man’s iconic head!

Step 1: Shaping the Head

Firstly, observe that we will be drawing the head at a half-turn angle, slightly tilted downwards. At this stage, Spider-Man’s head resembles an upside-down egg with asymmetrical features. To facilitate future modifications and guideline erasure, use light and delicate lines during the initial stages.

how to draw Spider-Man

Step 2: Achieving Facial Symmetry

Now, let’s draw the lines that define Spider-Man’s facial symmetry. A vertical line will divide the face into two parts, indicating the center or the nose bridge of our web-slinging superhero. The second line represents the eye placement. Remember, these facial symmetry lines should be drawn with a light touch, exerting minimal pressure on your pencil.

how to draw Spider-Man

Step 3: Drawing Spider-Man’s Eyes

Continuing our Spider-Man mask drawing tutorial, let’s now focus on drawing Spider-Man’s eyes using the guidelines we sketched in the previous step. The eyes should have a distinctive shape, similar to the classic version seen in the works of John Romita Sr. Different comic variations may feature slightly altered eye contours, but we have selected the timeless, iconic design for this tutorial.

how to draw Spider-Man

Step 4: Finalizing Spider-Man’s Head

It’s time to erase all the guidelines from Spidey’s head and darken the lines defining his head and eyes. You can achieve this by using a darker pencil, a marker, or ink. Additionally, draw Peter Parker’s shoulders to ground the head, ensuring it doesn’t appear to be floating in space. Don’t forget to outline the contours of the nose and jaw beneath the mask to add a natural touch to your Spider-Man head drawing.

how to draw Spider-Man

Step 5: Adding the Web Grid

From this point onward, we will focus on drawing the web grid on Spider-Man’s mask. Begin by drawing smooth and delicate lines starting from the space between the eyes, dispersing across the mask and extending towards the suit. The web lines should help emphasize the shape of Spider-Man’s head. Worth noting, different artists opt for varied web designs, from fine grids to larger patterns.

how to draw spider-man

Step 6: Completing the Web Pattern

Now, proceed to draw the horizontal part of the web pattern. If you followed the previous steps diligently, you’ll be rewarded with a stunning web pattern. Ensure that the web design remains proportional and symmetrical, avoiding any distortion or excessive stretching.


Step 7: Adding Shadows for Depth

To create a three-dimensional effect in your Spider-Man head drawing, it’s time to introduce shadows. In our sketch, the light source originates from the left side. Keeping this in mind, add shadows on the right side of the head using simple hatching techniques. Don’t forget to include the cast shadow on the shoulder as well.

spider-man drawing

Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to draw Spider-Man’s mask. Feel free to share this superheroic drawing lesson with your friends and be sure to follow us on social media platforms such as Pinterest, Deviantart, Facebook, and Twitter. Stay updated with announcements about upcoming articles and discover fantastic artwork from our talented artists. Start sketching now and unleash your inner superhero!

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