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How to draw an Ice Cream Cone with Sprinkles Step by Step

If you’ve been following my website for some time, you’ll know that I have a deep affection for food and an even stronger passion for illustrating it. Lately, I’ve found myself drawn towards creating adorable kawaii-style drawings, and given my fondness for milk, I thought it would be fun to teach you how to draw a cute ice cream cone with sprinkles.

Before we begin, I want to mention that I’ve already covered another tutorial on drawing an ice cream with multiple scoops here. This particular project is perfect for kids and can also be transformed into lovely stickers.

Drawing Tools and Software

The beauty of this drawing is that you can use any tool you prefer. I personally use Procreate, a digital drawing app, but software like Clip Studio Paint is also popular among digital artists, including Manga and Anime enthusiasts.

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To learn more about my journey with digital art, you can check out this post.

Step 1: Creating the Outline

Let’s start by drawing the cone itself. Place it at the bottom of the page since the ice cream scoops will sit on top of it. The cone can be represented by an inverted triangle shape. Next, draw the melting part of the ice cream scoop with a wavy line that overlaps the cone. Don’t worry if the line is larger than the cone; it’s meant to be that way. Then, draw a nice big circle for the ice cream scoop. For an extra touch, you can even add a small face to make the ice cream cone even more adorable.

Step 2: Coloring the Ice Cream Cone

Now, it’s time to add some color! You can choose any color for the cone, but I personally love the traditional biscuit brown. Feel free to let your creativity run wild and experiment with different shades. As for the scoop, I’ll be coloring mine pink, but you can choose your favorite flavor—whether it’s chocolate, vanilla, or even mint. To give the cone some texture, add some wavy lines at the bottom of the scoop. Finally, add a layer of cream frosting on top of the ice cream and finish off with colorful sprinkles.

Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to draw an ice cream cone with sprinkles step by step.

Drawing Resources

I hope you found this tutorial helpful. You can use this post as a reference for drawing cute ice cream cones with sprinkles in the future. If you’re interested in seeing more tutorials on drawing kawaii animals and other adorable subjects, please leave a comment below and let me know. I’m continuously adding new kawaii drawing tutorials to this blog, so stay tuned!

Additionally, if you aspire to draw in a kawaii style and monetize your art by selling clipart or merchandise on platforms like Etsy, I highly recommend checking out this course created by my friend Ilaria. She has put together an incredible curriculum that covers how to draw kawaii characters and create physical stickers—an invaluable resource that was sorely lacking until now.

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And for those looking to improve their drawing skills or create cute kawaii animals and characters, consider taking Sara’s course. She provides step-by-step instructions on drawing in a delightful kawaii style. The course is originally in Italian but includes subtitles and is incredibly easy to follow.

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If you’re just getting started with Procreate, I highly recommend Procreate for Beginners: Digital Illustration 101. It’s a superb course that will guide you through the essentials of digital illustration.

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