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How To Draw Super Sonic – A Step by Step Guide

There are numerous video game characters that have captured the hearts of fans worldwide, but few can compare to the fame of Sonic the Hedgehog. This lightning-fast character has graced countless video games and even starred in a highly successful live-action movie. While Sonic is often recognized for his iconic blue appearance, there is one form of his that truly stands out – the mighty Super Sonic. If you’re a fan of this character and want to learn how to draw Super Sonic, you’ve come to the right place. In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll guide you through the process of creating incredible artwork that showcases the power and excitement of Super Sonic in just 6 easy steps!

Let’s Get Started: How to Draw Super Sonic

Step 1: Capturing the Power of Super Sonic

To begin, it’s important to understand that Super Sonic has a slightly different appearance compared to his regular form. The most notable change is his vibrant gold color. Additionally, his quills point upwards instead of downwards. Start by sketching his rounded, yet pointy eyes. Then, add some curved lines to create his muzzle and mouth. Finally, draw the large quills at the back of his head using rounded lines with pointy tips. If you prefer to depict Sonic in his normal form, angle the quills downward instead.

Step 2: Bring Super Sonic to Life with His Chest and Arm

Continuing with our Super Sonic drawing, let’s add his chest and arm. Begin by drawing an oval shape under his head and surround it with curved lines. His back should have large, pointy sections sticking out. Next, draw a long, thin shape for his arm, and don’t forget to add his gloved hand pointing outward at the end. This will prepare us for the next step of this guide.

Step 3: Leaping into Action – Draw Super Sonic’s Legs

In this step, we’ll capture Super Sonic’s triumphant leap through the air. To emphasize this dynamic pose, we’ll focus on drawing his legs. The left leg should be raised, so use curved lines to depict it. The right leg will be straighter and extend downward, with his signature large shoe at the end. Don’t forget to draw the shoe onto the bent left leg as well. Finish off this step by adding his small, pointy tail at the back, and we’ll move on to the next part of the guide.

Step 4: Adding Power to Super Sonic with His Fist

We’re approaching the final elements and details of this Super Sonic drawing. For now, we’ll keep it simple in this fourth step. Draw his clenched fist on the left using curved lines, with the thumb folded over it. With this fist in place, we’re ready for some final touches and details in the next step.

Step 5: Enhancing Super Sonic with Finer Details

At this point, you’ve completed all the outlines for your Super Sonic picture. In this step, we’ll focus on adding intricate details to bring depth and shading to the image. Use small, curved lines throughout his head, body, and limbs to add more dimension and shading. Once you’ve added these details, feel free to unleash your creativity by adding your unique finishing touches. You could add other characters from the Sonic universe or even draw a background that showcases your favorite Super Sonic scenes and moments. The possibilities are endless!

Step 6: Adding Color to Your Super Sonic Drawing

Now it’s time to take your Super Sonic drawing to the next level by adding color! Super Sonic’s unique color scheme sets him apart from his standard blue appearance. As shown in our reference image, he is colored with bright golds and yellows, with red pupils and shoes for contrast. Choose your colors and art mediums wisely to give your artwork the perfect finishing touch. If you prefer to depict him in his regular form, you can use shades of blue instead. The choice is yours!

Take Your Super Sonic Drawing to the Next Level

Your Super Sonic drawing is now complete, but there are several ways to make it even more impressive. Consider adding some extra elements to enhance your artwork:

  • Include Sonic’s allies, such as Tails or Knuckles, to make the scene more dynamic.
  • Showcase Sonic’s adversaries, such as Dr. Eggman or other memorable villains from the Sonic universe.
  • Experiment with different backgrounds – you could draw detailed settings based on the games or movie, or depict Sonic’s incredible speed with vibrant strokes of color.

Remember, Sonic is an iconic character beloved by millions. Feel free to let your imagination run wild and add your personal touch to the scene. Once you’re satisfied with your masterpiece, don’t forget to share it on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. We can’t wait to admire your incredible Super Sonic artwork!

Get ready for more artistic fun by checking our website regularly for other exciting drawing guides. We’ll be uploading new content regularly, so you’ll never miss out on the creative inspiration. Happy drawing!

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