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How to Draw Tank T-34

how to draw a tank

Hello, art enthusiasts! In today’s tutorial, we will guide you through the process of drawing a tank. Although it may seem daunting, this drawing lesson is not overly complicated as long as you pay attention to proportion. To make things interesting, we have chosen one of the most renowned Soviet tanks from World War II: the T-34. So, let us show you how to draw the impressive tank T-34.

Step 1: Starting with the Tower and Barrel

We will commence the drawing by focusing on the tank’s turret and barrel. Instead of using a stick figure as a base, we will break down the tank into sections and draw it from the top down. Begin by copying the shape of the tower, which is an oval, and then draw the barrel using two parallel lines.

how to draw a T-34 tank

Step 2: Outlining the Tank Body and Chassis

Next, we will outline the body of the tank and its tracks. Make sure you use light strokes during this and the previous steps to allow for easy erasure of guide lines later.

How to draw tank T-34

Step 3: Adding Volume and Details

It is time to add volume and intricate details to our drawing. On either side of the barrel, sketch a pair of rounded lines. Additionally, include a hatch and a couple of lines on the top of the tank. Gradually erase any unnecessary guide lines.

How to draw T-34

Step 4: Refining the Tower and Adding Details

Erase the excess guide lines from the tank’s turret. Proceed to draw the tank’s barrel and add a few more details, such as the handle on the side of the tower and a hole next to the barrel.

How to draw tanks

Step 5: Outlining the Armor Contours

Now, let’s outline the contours of the armored wings that cover the chassis. Take note that all lines in this step should be straight. On the front side of the tracks, you will notice small rectangular shapes – these are parallelograms formed by a slight bend of the wings downwards.

How to draw World War II tank

Step 6: Drawing Additional Parts and Features

In this step, we will draw more rounded components at the front of the tank. Specifically, a machine gun on the left and a headlamp on the right. Don’t forget to mark the square hatch and rectangular bar at the front as well.

How to draw a Russian tank

Step 7: Outlining the Road Wheels

Outline the road wheels of the tank, paying attention to the fact that the outer wheels should be smaller than the others. During this step, encircle all the strokes you drew previously. Additionally, erase any remaining guidelines to give the tank drawing a complete look.

How to draw a Soviet tank

Step 8: Drawing Wheels and Adding Texture

We are gradually approaching the final stage of our tutorial on how to draw the T-34 tank. Start by drawing the wheels and adding texture to the outer parts of the tank tracks.

Tank T-34 drawing

Step 9: Adding Shadows

In this last stage, we will add shadows to our T-34 tank. The shadows are relatively simple, consisting of black contrasting spots to create depth. Lighter shadows can be achieved through regular hatching techniques.

How to draw tank T-34

We sincerely hope that you found this lesson on how to draw the T-34 tank enjoyable. We specifically designed it for military enthusiasts and fans of tank-related games and World War II history. Visit frequently to explore more drawing and art tutorials. Remember to subscribe to our social media accounts and share our tutorials with your friends!

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