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How to Draw A Whale – A Step by Step Guide

Whales are truly mesmerizing creatures, known for their immense size and captivating presence. With their fascinating species and rich history in mythology and legends, it’s no wonder that whales have captured the imagination of marine enthusiasts worldwide.

In this comprehensive step-by-step guide, we will show you how to draw a whale effortlessly, allowing you to unleash your creativity. So grab your pencil and let’s embark on this artistic adventure together!

Let’s Get Started: Drawing the Back of the Whale

Whale Drawing Step 1

To begin our whale drawing, we’ll start by drawing a simple, curvy line that forms the back of the whale. Take inspiration from the reference image to create this line. Once you’re done, let’s move on to the next step!

Drawing the Face and Tail of the Whale

Whale Drawing Step 2

In this step, we’ll build upon the whale drawing by adding the face and tail. Using the line we drew in step 1, create a round, curved line on the left-hand side to form the head of the whale. On the right-hand side, draw the forked tail, keeping in mind the perspective of the drawing. The tail should be smaller compared to the rest of the body. Great job so far!

Adding the Belly and Flippers of the Whale

Whale Drawing Step 3

Continuing from the previous steps, let’s draw the belly and flippers of the whale. Using another curved line with a sharp point near the belly, create a flipper. Then, draw a line from the flipper to the tail to complete the belly. Don’t forget to add a large mouth to your whale drawing.

Drawing an Eye and Another Flipper

Whale Drawing Step 4

Now, let’s focus on the details of the whale. Draw a relatively small eye for the whale, using a small circle with a black dot inside it. To add balance, draw an additional flipper next to the previous one, making it slightly smaller. Excellent work so far!

Adding Details to Your Whale Drawing

Whale Drawing Step 5

In this step, we’ll add some final details to make your whale drawing come to life. Refer to the provided image and draw thin lines below the face, heading down to the flippers. These lines will give the whale’s ventral pleats a wrinkly appearance. Additionally, add lines to the face and flippers for more texture and detail.

Finishing Touches: Adding Final Details to Your Whale Drawing

Whale Drawing Step 6

We’re nearing the end of our step-by-step guide! Now, it’s time to add those finishing details to your whale drawing. We’ve provided some suggestions, but feel free to get creative and add your own unique touches. For instance, you could draw small, thin lines on the tail and body of the whale to give it a textured, wrinkly look. Let your imagination soar!

Coloring Your Whale Drawing

Whale Drawing Step 7

Congratulations! You’ve completed your exquisite whale drawing. Now, it’s time to bring it to life with color. We’ve shown you one way to color your whale, but feel free to use any colors that inspire you. Whether you prefer a realistic or stylized approach, let your creativity guide you. You can even explore real whale images on the internet for inspiration. Remember, there are no boundaries when it comes to art!

5 Tips to Enhance Your Whale Drawing

Now that you’ve mastered the art of drawing a whale, let’s explore some tips to take your drawing to the next level:

  1. Dive into Creativity: Consider adding other ocean creatures like sharks, dolphins, or orcas to your drawing to create a captivating marine scene.
  2. Create an Ocean Setting: Add a background to your drawing, such as an ocean bed, to incorporate fun and intricate details.
  3. Experiment with Styles: If you prefer a more realistic representation, use reference photos of real whales to accurately capture their proportions and details. Let your creative juices flow!
  4. Colorful Expressions: Get adventurous with colors! While you can choose realistic shades, don’t hesitate to experiment with vibrant and imaginative color schemes to make your drawing stand out.
  5. Artistic Mediums: Explore different art mediums like watercolor paints, colored pens, or markers to personalize your whale drawing. Let your choice of medium add depth and texture to your masterpiece.

Your Whale Drawing is Complete!

We hope you had a fantastic time following our step-by-step guide on how to draw a whale. Drawing these magnificent creatures is easier than you think, especially when guided by this comprehensive tutorial. It’s now your turn to add your own unique flair, details, colors, and art mediums to create an extraordinary masterpiece. We can’t wait to see what you come up with!

Remember to visit our website regularly for more exciting drawing guides. We would love for you to share your incredible whale drawing on our Facebook and Pinterest pages. Let’s celebrate your artistic achievement together!

how to draw a whale in 7 easy steps

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