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How to Draw a Puppy (Step by Step)

Children can easily learn how to draw a puppy by following this simple tutorial that provides step-by-step instructions. Whether you’re a beginner or have some drawing experience, this guide is perfect for young students looking to get started with drawing.

Discover the Joy of Drawing with Our Easy Tutorial

Everyone will enjoy this straightforward lesson on how to draw a puppy. With clear and concise instructions, even those new to drawing will be able to create their own adorable puppy. In fact, we have included a second lesson at the bottom of the page, so you can draw not just one, but two cute puppies!

All the necessary drawing steps are included in this tutorial, making it both fun and simple to follow along. While the process typically takes around 20 minutes, feel free to take your time and add a background to your drawing if you’d like.

Getting Started: Essential Materials

Before diving into the tutorial, gather the following materials:

Download the Printable PDF Guide

Click the link below to access a printable drawing lesson that guides you through every step of drawing a puppy. The PDF also includes a coloring book page with just the outlines, allowing kids to showcase their creativity beyond the initial drawing.

Download the How to Draw a Puppy (Step by Step) PDF Guide

Fascinating Facts About Puppies

Before we begin drawing, let’s learn some intriguing facts about puppies:

  • Puppies spend the majority of their days sleeping.
  • When they are born, puppies do not have teeth, and it takes about a month for them to develop their first set.
  • Newborn puppies are unable to hear or see until they are nearly two weeks old.
  • Puppies rely on their sense of smell to find their way back to their mother.

Now that we know a bit more about puppies, let’s dive into the tutorial and learn how to draw an adorable puppy!

Step-by-Step Tutorial: How to Draw a Cute Puppy

Step 1: Outline the Head

Start by drawing a rounded shape to outline the head of the cute puppy.

Step 1: Outline the Head

Step 2: Shape the Face

To form the face of the puppy, draw two shaded circles for the eyes. Then, draw a rounded triangle and attach two curvy lines at the bottom to create the upper jaw. Attach a line curving upwards to complete the mouth.

Step 2: Shape the Face

Step 3: Add the Ears

Attach two bumpy shapes to the head of the puppy to form its ears.

Step 3: Add the Ears

Step 4: Draw the Body

Form the body of the puppy by drawing an elongated oval shape. Attach a small bumpy C-shape at the end to depict the tail.

Step 4: Draw the Body

Step 5: Include the Legs

Now, let’s add some legs to the puppy. Draw four limbs attached to the body, similar to the illustration. Don’t forget to add curvy lines at the ends of the legs to emphasize the toes.

Step 5: Include the Legs

Step 6: Complete the Cute Puppy Drawing

Bring your fluffy little puppy to life! Use a red crayon to fill in the mouth, a dark brown crayon to shade the nose, and a brown crayon to color the fluffy fur.

Step 6: Complete the Cute Puppy Drawing

Challenge Yourself: Draw a Tennis Ball

To add some extra fun to your drawing, try sketching a tennis ball for the cute puppy to play with.

Now that you have mastered the art of drawing a puppy, let your creativity flourish! Enjoy the process, and remember, practice makes perfect. Happy drawing!

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