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How To Paint A Cat And Moon


Discover the step-by-step process to create a stunning painting featuring one or two cats perched on a branch, gazing at a beautiful moon. This tutorial not only teaches you how to add whimsical swirls to the sky but also provides guidance on splattering paint to create realistic stars on your canvas. Customize the leaves according to the season, and learn how to paint tree branches similar to those featured in other painting tutorials. Don’t forget to share your masterpiece on Pinterest or our Facebook page. Let’s get started!

Halloween Cat Inspiration

Kids Halloween Cat

Level and Duration

Level: Very Easy/ First Painting
Duration: 1-2 Hours

Easy Canvas Paintings

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  • Acrylic Paint (Apple Barrel Craft Paint recommended or suggested colors for other paint)
  • Paint Colors:
    • Flag Red (Cad Red Medium)
    • Jack O Lantern Orange (Cad Orange Hue)
    • Yellow (Cad Yellow Medium)
    • Bright Blue (Primary Blue)
    • Bimini Blue (Bright Aqua Green)
    • White (Titanium White)
    • Black (Mars Black)
  • Canvas Size: 16″ x 20″ or 8″ x 10″ (or any size of your choice)
  • Brushes:
    • 1″ Flat Brush
    • 1″ Angle Brush
    • Medium Round Brush (#3 or similar size)
  • 9″ Paper Plate for tracing the moon
  • Palette or paper plate for palette


Traceable (Optional)

Traceable Directions

Directions At A Glance

Process Picture

Video Tutorial

Step By Step Pictures

1. Trace The Moon

Step 1: Trace The Moon

Begin with a blank 16″ x 20″ canvas. Use a pencil to trace a 9″ paper plate, forming a perfect circle that represents the moon.

2. Paint The Sky

Step 2: Paint The Sky

Mix equal parts of “bimini blue” and white paint. Use a 1″ flat brush to create a turquoise-white ring around the moon, approximately 1″ thick. Paint a “bimini blue” ring around the first ring and blend the colors together using a wet brush. Finally, add another ring using “bright blue” paint and blend it with the previous rings. Fill the remaining corners of the canvas with bright blue strokes, maintaining a circular motion.

3. Paint Some Moonbeams

Step 3: Paint Some Moonbeams

Using a 1/4″ flat brush and white paint, create arc lines around the moon to represent moonbeams. Dip the brush in water to make the white paint more translucent.

4. Paint The Tree

Step 4: Paint The Tree

With black paint and a 1″ angle brush, paint the tree. It is recommended to practice painting the tree on a separate paper before transferring it to the canvas.

5. Paint Some Leaves

Step 5: Paint Some Leaves

Using a small round brush, paint red, yellow, and orange leaves on the tree. Dot the colors without cleaning the brush between each color.

6. Draw & Paint The Cat (Or Cats)

Step 6: Draw & Paint The Cat (Or Cats)

Sketch the cat or cats on the canvas using a pencil (erasable on the canvas). Paint the cat in black using a small round brush. Alternatively, you can paint two cats sitting on a branch!

7. Paint Swirls & Stars In The Sky

Step 7: Paint Swirls & Stars In The Sky

Complete the painting by adding swirls to the sky using a small round brush and a light mixture of bimini blue and white paint. To create stars, flick your paintbrush with white paint to achieve a splatter paint effect.


Finished Painting

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Finished Painting

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