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How To Paint A Rainbow Unicorn


Learn the art of painting a magnificent unicorn with a vibrant rainbow mane. Let your inner creativity shine as you follow this step-by-step tutorial to draw and paint a unicorn head using acrylic paints on canvas. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this guide will help you bring the magic of unicorns to life on any canvas size.

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Unleash your artistic prowess as you embark on this colorful journey of the Rainbow Haired Unicorn. With acrylic paints and a dash of imagination, you can create a spectacular masterpiece. Feel free to explore various canvas options like 11″ x 14″, canvas paper, or watercolor paper.

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Using a range of vibrant colors, this tutorial encourages the use of craft paints to effortlessly bring the rainbow colors to life. However, you can also achieve equally stunning results using Liquitex BASICS acrylic paints.

This painting project is perfect for hosting a DIY unicorn paint party. To simplify the process, consider transferring the unicorn outline to multiple canvases before the event.

Don’t forget to share your masterpiece on Pinterest or Facebook and inspire others with your artistic flair.

Tips for Painting with Kids

Transform your child’s birthday party into a magical event with a DIY paint activity featuring adorable unicorns. Children are fascinated by these mythical creatures, making it an ideal party theme. You can guide the kids to draw the unicorn step by step or use graphite transfer paper and a printable template to transfer the design onto the canvas. This will ensure that the painting process is fun and hassle-free for the young artists.

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Materials Needed

To create your dazzling unicorn painting, gather the following materials:

  • Acrylic paints in various vibrant colors
  • Canvas (8 x 10 or larger)
  • Paintbrushes of different sizes
  • Graphite transfer paper (if needed)
  • Printable template (optional)
  • Gold paint or gold sharpie for the unicorn horn
  • Optional: Gold glitter for added sparkle!

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Note: The printable template is available for personal use only. To enlarge the template for larger canvases, follow the instructions provided in the PDF Library.

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Draw or Transfer Your Unicorn Head

Begin by lightly sketching the unicorn on the canvas using a pencil. You may choose to outline the drawing with a sharpie for clarity, although it is optional. If needed, practice drawing the unicorn on a separate sheet of paper. Alternatively, use graphite transfer paper to transfer the unicorn outline from a printed template to the canvas.

2. Paint the Background

Using a small flat brush, paint the background in a bimini blue or aqua green shade mixed with white. Create spirals in the background using a small round brush and a light blue permanent paint.

3. Paint the Unicorn’s Head

Paint the unicorn’s head white with a 3/4″ flat brush. To add dimension, blend some blue shading with the white by applying both colors to the canvas. Use a mixture of white and light blue paint to create subtle shadow areas. Be cautious not to use too much blue. Finish by painting the eye and nostril black with a small round brush.

4. Paint the Hair Strand by Strand

Using a small round brush, paint each strand of the unicorn’s hair separately, following the curves drawn earlier. Begin with fuchsia, then progress to orange, yellow, green, bimini blue, and finally purple iris. Overlap the colors slightly to create a seamless blend. For a stunning rainbow ombre effect, use a smaller round brush to further blend the colors.

5. Outline Select Areas with Black

With a small round brush and black paint, outline certain areas of the unicorn to add emphasis. Be selective in your outlining, focusing on enhancing specific features.

6. Paint the Horn

Paint the horn gold or use a gold sharpie for a touch of elegance. If desired, add a touch of gold glitter to truly make the unicorn shine. Optionally, outline ovals on the horn with black paint.

7. Final Touches

Refine the unicorn’s snout by painting over any excess blue. Make any necessary adjustments to the head design. Your unicorn painting is now complete, showcasing its vibrant colors, enchanting mane, and captivating presence.

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Finished Unicorn Painting

Share Your Art!

We hope you thoroughly enjoyed this unicorn painting tutorial! If you’re hungry for more unicorn-themed designs, check out “Bella The Unicorn” for another artistic adventure.

Don’t forget to share your masterpiece with friends and fellow artists. Help us spread the joy of unicorn art by sharing this tutorial post!

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