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How to Paint Clouds, Easy!

Discover the Easy Way to Paint Clouds

If you’ve ever wondered how to paint clouds, this beginner-friendly tutorial is perfect for you. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll cover the basics of painting clouds and share some tips and tricks to achieve that beautiful cloud effect. So, grab your brush and acrylic paint, and let’s embark on this creative journey!

Painting clouds can sometimes be challenging, as many tutorials out there are not as beginner-friendly as you’d hope. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our easy cloud painting method. This tutorial will gradually help you develop your skills and create more realistic clouds as you progress in your painting journey.

how to paint clouds in a sunset sky

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Getting Started: Cloud Painting Supplies

Let’s begin by gathering the necessary supplies for painting clouds.

Painting a Cloud with a Scruffy Brush

Properly Loading the Brush

To start, load your brush with Wicker White. The technique used to load the brush is crucial. Gently tap the edge of the brush into the edge of the Wicker White paint.

tamping the scruffy brush into white paint to load

Next, tap off some of the excess paint onto your palette paper. When painting clouds, it’s best to work in layers, starting with less paint and gradually building up.

You can tap the brush away from the puddle to remove some of the paint, ensuring that it’s evenly distributed on the brush.

painting a cloud tapping white onto blue painted sky with scruffy brush

Begin the First Layer of Cloud Painting

With the loaded edge of the brush at the top, start pouncing the paint onto the surface. Move the brush to the side and downwards as you go along.

adding the second layer of white to cloud painting

Painting a Cloud: Second Layer

Reload the brush and apply the second layer to the same cloud. Begin just below the area that appears more transparent and reveals the background layer.

tapping white paint onto sky background to paint an easy cloud

It’s essential to leave parts of the cloud more transparent, as this creates dimension and depth. Avoid covering these areas with white paint. Darker sections of the cloud add visual interest.

How to Paint Clouds with a Sponge

Start by pouncing the sponge onto the surface, creating billowy and fluffy clouds.

add touches of brighter white paint to the top of the cloud to highlight

As the paint begins to run out, work towards the sides and downwards, creating fainter or more transparent areas on the cloud.

Add a touch more paint to the sponge and tap additional white at the top of the cloud to enhance its brightness, just as you did with the scruffy brush.

sponge-painted clouds: second layer

Don’t overthink the process. You might not like the effect at first, but taking a break and returning later might reveal that it’s better than you initially thought.

Sponge-Painted Clouds: Second Layer

Reload the sponge with white paint. Move to the lower edge of the cloud, where the paint is more transparent, and apply the second layer of white.

Notice how the darker area of the cloud remains visible, adding depth and realism.

paint clouds easy: second layer highlight

Add a touch more white to the top layers to highlight where the light hits the clouds.

Remember to vary the shapes of your clouds, avoiding monotony. Referencing photos of clouds can be helpful in this regard.

shading clouds with gray acrylic paint

Adding Shading

Have you ever noticed that clouds have shades of gray or brown in them? While this tutorial focuses on basic cloud painting, incorporating shading can enhance realism.

After painting your cloud with either the sponge or the scruffy brush, there should be a faint touch of white. It should be subtle but noticeable.

Gently tap into some Steel Gray acrylic paint. Use a small amount and tap off any excess for a softer effect.

clouds painted on a sunset sky with text overlay, how to paint clouds, video play button

Pounce the gray paint along the bottom of the cloud and in areas where you want to add shading.

Can you see the hint of darker color where I’m pointing?

How to Paint Clouds, Easy!

You can also add gray to the cloud itself. In this case, I chose to use the small scruffy brush for more control in painting a smaller cloud.

How to Paint Clouds, Easy!

If you feel that there is too much shading, allow it to dry and then go over those areas with white paint. Remember to relax and enjoy the process. Some days painting flows effortlessly, while other days require constant adjustments. Each time you paint, you’re learning and improving your skills.

Keep in mind that clouds are usually a backdrop in paintings, not the primary focus. So, even if they aren’t perfect, it’s unlikely that anyone will notice in the overall artwork. Be kind to yourself as you learn to paint and embrace the emergence of your unique style.

How to Paint Clouds, Easy!

Enjoy the process of painting clouds!

Please share this tutorial and spread the joy of cloud painting!

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