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Learn How to Draw a Bear From a Pro

Bears have always been fascinating creatures, and learning how to draw them can be both enjoyable and rewarding. In this article, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to draw a bear. This art lesson comes from the expertise of Aaron Blaise, an Oscar-nominated animator who has worked on renowned films such as The Lion King, Aladdin, and Brother Bear.

How to Draw a Basic Bear in 5 Steps

Drawing a bear may seem challenging, but with the right approach, it becomes a lot easier. Follow these five simple steps to create your own bear masterpiece.

bear step 1

  1. Start by sketching the rough form of a grizzly bear on toned paper. Pay attention to how the head smoothly transitions into the body. Next, add the shoulders and legs.

bear step 2

  1. Using your rough sketch as a guide, begin adding the details, such as facial features and fur textures.

bear step 3

  1. Continue adding more details until your bear starts to take shape. Remember to create a shaggy appearance for a realistic touch.

bear step 4

  1. Once you’re satisfied with the sketch, it’s time to add colors. Begin with the base color of the bear.

bear step 5

  1. Enhance the texture of the fur and bring your bear to life by adding deeper shadows and highlights. This stage adds dimension and realism to your artwork.

How to Draw a Bear Head

If you want to focus on drawing just the bear’s head, here’s a simplified approach that allows you to tackle it from any angle.

Start by drawing a sphere as the base of the bear’s head. Then, attach a simplified snout to it.

bear head step 1

By keeping the process simple and following this technique, you’ll be able to draw a bear’s head with ease, regardless of the angle.

How to Draw Fur on Your Bear Drawing

Creating the illusion of fur in your bear drawing doesn’t mean meticulously drawing each individual hair. Instead, focus on strategically adding scruffiness in select areas.

bear fur

Rather than outlining every hair, look for areas where the direction of the lines changes. Add some scruffiness in these areas. Additionally, remember that the underside of a grizzly bear tends to be scruffier than the top.

How to Draw a Standing Bear

Drawing a bear in a standing pose adds a sense of power and presence. Here’s how you can capture this majestic pose:

  1. Begin with a simple circle for the head and a “wire frame” for the body. Pay attention to the natural flow of the pose.

  2. Roughly outline the head, trunk, and hind legs to establish the major masses of the bear’s body.

  3. Using the rough sketch as a guide, loosely sketch the rest of the bear’s anatomy.

standing bear

  1. Lightly erase unnecessary lines and start adding details and fur texture. Remember to break up the fur into clumps.

  2. Bring your standing bear to life by adding colors. Start with the base color of the bear, leaving the snout lighter.

  3. Finalize your drawing by adding shadows, highlights, and more fur texture. Toned paper allows you to create highlights with light-colored tools and add shadows with dark pencil or charcoal.

standing bear with shadows and highlights

How to Draw a Walking Bear

Now that you’ve mastered drawing a bear, it’s time to put it into motion. Capturing the movement of a walking bear brings your artwork to life.

walking bear

How to Draw a Running Bear Cub

Understanding animal locomotion is crucial when drawing animals in motion. When it comes to four-legged creatures like bears, the number of feet touching the ground changes according to speed.

running bear cub
running bear cub

In a walking pose, three feet are usually in contact with the ground, while in a running pose, there are never more than two feet touching the ground simultaneously.

With these tips and techniques provided by an experienced animator like Aaron Blaise, you’ll be able to master the art of drawing bears in various poses. So grab your drawing materials and start creating your own bear-inspired artwork today!

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