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How to Draw a Palm Tree Step by Step


If you’ve ever wanted to draw a palm tree but didn’t know where to start, this step-by-step tutorial is perfect for you. In this guide, we’ll take you through the process of sketching a palm tree in six easy steps. With simple illustrated examples and clear instructions, you’ll be able to create a palm tree drawing that captures the essence of this iconic tree.

Palm tree drawing step by step

Step 1 – Drawing the Crown of Leaves

To begin, we’ll start by outlining the leaves of the palm tree. Draw the leaves that are facing towards the front first, followed by the next set of leaves behind them. Continue this process until you reach the last leaf at the very back.

Palm tree leaves drawing

Step 2 – Drawing the Trunk

Next, draw a curved trunk below the leaves. The trunk should be wider at the bottom and gradually narrow as it extends upward. You can achieve this by using a pair of curved lines.

Palm tree trunk drawing

Step 3 – Drawing the Center Parts of the Leaves

In this step, draw a line through the center of each leaf to represent the rachis, which is the middle part of the palm leaf.

Palm tree leaves middle part drawing

Step 4 – Drawing the Stripes Along the Trunk

To give the palm tree its characteristic look, add some stripes along the trunk. These stripes should be spaced farther apart toward the bottom and closer together as they ascend the trunk.

Palm tree trunk stripes drawing

Step 5 – Finishing the Line Drawing

To enhance the likeness of the leaves to a palm tree, create small “cuts” along the sides of the leaves. Vary the size and placement of these cuts, making them smaller towards the base and tips of the leaves, and larger near the middle. Once finished, erase the outlines around the cut areas. You can then go over the entire drawing with darker pencil lines, a black pen, or marker.

Palm tree line drawing

Step 6 – Coloring the Palm Tree

For coloring the palm tree, consider making the leaves a yellowish-green shade and the trunk a light brown color. Whether you choose paints, colored pencils, markers, or another medium, have fun adding color to bring your sketch to life.

Palm tree drawing


Drawing a palm tree may seem daunting, but with the simple steps outlined in this tutorial, it becomes an achievable task. Palm trees have a distinct shape that sets them apart from other trees, and their depiction is not overly complicated. We hope you found this guide helpful in creating your own palm tree drawing.

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