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How to Draw Kissing Lips Step By Step – For Kids & Beginners

How to draw kissing lips


Welcome to a unique drawing tutorial where we will learn how to draw passionate and realistic kissing lips. Drawing is an art form that allows us to express our feelings and emotions when words are not enough. In this step-by-step guide, perfect for beginners and kids, we will explore the process of creating beautiful kissing lips that exude warmth and emotions. So let’s grab our pencils and get started!

Step 1: The Base of the Lips

To begin, draw a slightly tilted line as the foundation for our drawing. Below this line, create a curved oval shape with one side pointed and the other side broad. This will form one side of the lips.

How to draw kissing lips

Step 2: Completing the Lips

On the opposite side of the line, draw a similar shape to complete the other side of the lips, ensuring symmetry.

How to draw kissing lips

Step 3: Adding Depth

On the upper side of the line, draw a similar inverted shape to the one created in step 1. This will add depth and dimension to the lips.

How to draw kissing lips

Step 4: Shaping the Upper Lip

On the second side of the line, draw another curved oval shape, forming the upper part of the lips.

How to draw kissing lips

Step 5: Adding Details

Draw a wavy line that is lifted from the middle. At the center of this line, create a small curve. These details will enhance the lip’s natural texture.

How to draw kissing lips

Step 6: Creating the Lower Lip

Below the previous line, draw a deep curve or an upward-directed shape to form the lower lip.

How to draw kissing lips

Step 7: Finishing Touches

Above the base line, draw two curved ovals, similar to the ones created for the first set of lips. This will contribute to the overall realism of the drawing.

How to draw kissing lips

Step 8: Outlining and Refining

Erase any central guideline lines and outline the borders of the lips, refining the shape as depicted in the image below.

How to draw kissing lips

Step 9: Bring Them to Life

Color the lips with a shade of red and highlight certain areas with white, adding depth and dimension. This will bring your kissing lips drawing to life!

How to draw kissing lips

Additional Techniques for Drawing Kissing Lips

To further refine your kissing lips drawing skills, keep these important guidelines in mind:

1. Proportions and Guidelines

Estimate the proportions of the lips, considering the pouted and round shape they commonly possess. Always begin your drawing with a light guideline to ensure accuracy.

2. Volume and Highlighting

Remember that all parts of the face, including the lips, have volume. Highlighting certain areas will enhance the three-dimensional effect of your drawing.

3. Shape and Size Variation

Every individual’s lips vary in shape and size. Use your shading technique to capture the unique characteristics of the lips you are drawing.

4. Outline and Highlights

When outlining your lips, use a darker shade to create definition. Lighter colors or white can be used to highlight specific areas and add shine.

Now that you have mastered the art of drawing kissing lips, let your creativity flourish and experiment with different variations and styles. Keep practicing to refine your skills and discover your own unique artistic voice!

How to draw kissing lips

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