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The Best Lightest Drawing Pencils for Sketches


Are you tired of pencil stains and indents that ruin your sketches? Finding the lightest pencil that leaves no trace behind is crucial for any artist. In this article, we will explore the world of drawing pencils and discover the best options for your sketches.

Understanding the Lightest Drawing Pencils

When it comes to the lightest drawing pencils, none can compare to the 9H pencils. These pencils have the hardest lead, making them ideal for sketching. However, they can be challenging to use due to their lightness. For most artists, pencils ranging from 2H to 4B are the perfect balance between hardness and softness.

My Preferred Sketching Range

In my own experience, I find that sketching pencils within the 2H to 4B range are the most versatile and user-friendly. The 2B pencil, in particular, strikes the perfect middle ground between softness and hardness.

The Quest for the Lightest Pencil

If you are determined to find the absolute lightest drawing pencil, the 9H is the one for you. However, these pencils can be elusive in the market. Even renowned brands like Faber-Castell do not offer 9H pencils. It is puzzling why such fantastic pencils are underappreciated in the manufacturing world.

Top Drawing Pencil Brands for Sketching

To save you the trouble of searching for 9H pencils, I have curated a list of the best drawing pencil brands that make exceptional 9H pencils. These brands not only provide lightness but also ensure high-quality sketching experiences.

Derwent Graphic 9H Pencils

Derwent is a reputable art brand known for producing top-notch drawing pencils. While many companies do not offer 9H pencils, Derwent has a range of hard drawing pencils from B to 9H. If you are curious about the difference between H and B pencils, let’s dive into it.

Understanding H Pencils vs. B Pencils

H pencils refer to those with hard lead, while B pencils indicate black lead. B pencils are softer than H pencils and range from HB (the hardest B pencil) to 9XXB (the softest B pencil). Nestled between H and B pencils is the F pencil, which stands for “fine point” and offers a hardness level between the two categories.

When you purchase the Derwent set of hard pencils, you will receive a comprehensive range from B to 9H, including HB and F. This variety allows for flexibility and choice in your sketching endeavors.

Staedtler Mars Lumograph 9H Graphite Art Drawing Pencil

Staedtler Mars is a renowned company known not only for their exceptional erasers but also for their high-quality 9H pencils. The versatility of the Staedtler Mars brand caters to both professional artists and students. Growing up as an artist and student, I have relied on Staedtler Mars products, and they continue to impress me to this day.

Dainayw 24 Piece Drawing Pencil Set

If you are on a budget and desire a wide range of pencils, the Dainayw 24 piece drawing pencil set is worth considering. While quality-wise, the Derwent and Staedtler Mars pencils excel, the Dainayw set offers good performance at a lower cost. Consider your budget and drawing needs when deciding on the right product for you.

Hilitand 24 Piece Drawing Set

Another budget-friendly option is the Hilitand 24 piece pencil set, which includes pencils up to 9H. Though it has fewer reviews than other brands, it provides a decent selection at a reasonable price. If you seek a variety of pencils without breaking the bank, a 24 piece set is an excellent choice.


In conclusion, the search for the lightest drawing pencils can be challenging. However, with the help of these top brands, you can find the perfect pencils for your sketches. Whether you choose the Derwent Graphic 9H, Staedtler Mars Lumograph, Dainayw, or Hilitand set, remember to experiment and create incredible art with your new 9H pencils.

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