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How to Draw a Lily – Step by Step Guide

Lilies are eagerly anticipated flowers that bloom from early summer until fall. Did you know that each variety of lily has its own symbolic meaning? For example, pink lilies represent femininity and admiration, while orange lilies embody confidence and energy. Given the stunning beauty and widespread popularity of lily flowers, many people are eager to learn how to draw them.

To make the process easier for you, we have created a step-by-step tutorial on how to draw a lily. In just nine quick and easy steps, you’ll be able to create your own beautiful lily flower masterpiece. Each step is accompanied by an illustration to serve as your visual guide.

All you need to get started is a pen and paper. So let’s dive in and make use of your artistic skills!

How to Draw a Lily – Let’s Get Started!

Step 1

Start by drawing an irregular standing oval shape with a slightly pointed bottom end. This will be the first petal of the lily flower.

Step 2 – Draw the First Two Petals of the Lily

To create the second petal, draw a curved shape on the left side of the first petal, making sure the upper portion touches the first petal.

Step 3 – Draw the Third Petal

Repeat the previous step on the opposite side to form the lily’s third petal. Don’t worry if the petals don’t look identical as long as they follow the same structure.

Step 4 – Draw the Fourth Petal of the Lily

Draw another petal right beside the one on the left side. This will form the fourth petal of the lily flower.

Step 5 – Create the Lily’s Fifth Petal

Repeat the previous step on the opposite side to form the fifth petal. The structure of this petal should be similar to the previous one but doesn’t have to be identical.

Step 6 – Complete All Six Petals of the Lily

Draw a curve on the remaining blank space in the middle back portion of the flower. This will be the sixth and final petal of the lily flower.

Step 7 – Draw the Stem and the Leaves

Proceed to draw two parallel slightly curved lines underneath the petals to create the stem. Then, draw an irregular oval shape on each side of the stem to form the leaves.

Step 8 – Add Details and Patterns on the Lily

Enhance the texture of your drawing by adding thin lines strokes at the tip of each petal and on each leaf. This will make your lily flower appear more realistic.

Step 9 – Create the Stamen of the Lily

Draw five lines with round tips in the middle of the petals to form the stamen, the male structure of a lily flower. Don’t forget to add pitch-black shading to the stamen!

Congratulations! You have successfully drawn a lily flower. Now comes the exciting part: choosing colors and coloring your artwork. Lily flowers come in various vibrant colors, such as white, yellow, pink, red, and orange. Feel free to use the original colors or experiment with a unique color scheme to personalize your drawing.

But wait, there’s more! Here are four additional ways to make your lily drawing even more unique:

4 More Ways To Make Your Lily Drawing Unique

Make your pretty lily sketch even more stunning with these four tips:

  1. Create a Beautiful Bunch: Once you’ve mastered drawing an individual lily, why not try drawing a bunch of lilies? Simply follow the steps again and make some slight variations in the petals and leaves. You can also add other types of flowers to create a captivating bouquet.

  2. Explore Different Backgrounds: Experiment with different backgrounds to enhance your lily drawing. You can draw a garden setting with additional plants, a bench, or even some pets. Let your imagination run wild and create your perfect garden scene.

  3. Play with Colors and Art Tools: While we covered some coloring techniques in the guide, don’t be afraid to try different mediums and materials. Watercolor paints, for example, can add a delicate touch to your lily drawing. Let your creativity flow and experiment with various art tools.

  4. Seek Inspiration: If you’re looking for more flower ideas to complement your lilies, consider researching other species online or visiting parks and botanical gardens. Drawing inspiration from real-life flowers can bring a unique touch to your artwork.

Now, gather your art supplies, unleash your creativity, and watch your lily drawing come to life!


Drawing lily in 9 steps
Step 1 - lily drawing
Step 2 - lily drawing
Step 3 - lily drawing
Step 4 - lily drawing
Step 5 - lily drawing
Step 6 - lily drawing
Step 7 - lily drawing
Step 8 - lily drawing
Step 9 - lily drawing
Lily drawing in 9 steps

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