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  • List of Materials
  • Step-By-Step Tutorial

I was captivated by the liberating nature and controlled chaos of fluid art. It allows me to be both a scientist and an artist, which is truly incredible. Among the various fluid techniques, one of my favorites is the mesmerizing ring pour method.

List of Materials

  • Arteza Metallic Acrylic Paints
  • Arteza Canvas
  • Floetrol (latex paint additive)
  • Gloss Medium
  • GAC800 (acrylic paint extender)
  • Cups
  • Stir Sticks
  • Torch

Time: 15-20 min Dry time: 2-3 days Cure Time: 3-4 weeks

Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Preparing the Pouring Medium Image short description

Start by mixing Floetrol, gloss medium, and GAC800 in a ratio of 60/20/20. Ensure thorough stirring.

Step 2: Preparing the Paint

Take several smaller cups and pour the paint into each one. Mix 1 part paint with 1-2 parts pouring medium. The paint-to-pouring-medium ratio may vary depending on the paint type/brand and the pouring medium used.

If air bubbles are present, it’s best to let the paints sit until they dissipate as they can affect the painting’s design. You can also tap the cup on the table to bring the air bubbles to the surface.

Step 3: Layering the Paints

Begin by pouring a lighter color at the bottom of the cup. You can choose any color you like. The color at the cup’s bottom will end up in the center of the design. Create contrasting color layers by pouring the additional colors down the side of the tilted cup. This way, each layer beautifully sits atop the other. This step offers endless possibilities for experimentation with different layering techniques and color combinations.

Step 4: Preparing the Canvas

Use a canvas of your preferred size, ensuring you have enough paint to cover it adequately. You can estimate the total paint (plus pouring medium) needed by multiplying the length by the width (in inches) and dividing the result by 24-26. This will provide an approximate measure, in ounces, of the total paint mixture required. It’s advisable to overestimate a bit to ensure ample paint for your desired design. The required amount of paint may also vary based on the canvas’s depth for side coverage.

To prepare the canvas, tape off the back for a clean look and make sure it is tightly stretched. You can achieve tautness by spraying the back with water or using shims provided with some canvas brands. A drum-tight canvas prevents the paint from moving during the drying process, unless intentional movement is desired.

Step 5: Pouring the Paint

With your canvas prepped and paints mixed, it’s time to pour! Begin in the center of the canvas and move your hand in a circular motion to create rings. For a traditional ring pour, simply stay in the center with the circular motion. Various variations, such as a traveling ring pour, involve moving your hand and the paint in different directions. This part of the artistic process allows for unique and personal designs. Let your creative spirit soar and experiment to find what works best for you.

Step 6: Spreading the Paint Image short description

Hold the canvas from underneath and move the paint in a circular motion, paying particular attention to where the weight of the paint is distributed on the canvas. Continue the circular motion until the paint covers the entire canvas. Ensure that all edges and corners are also covered.

Step 7: Finishing Touches Image short description

To eliminate any lingering air bubbles, use a torch. Place the canvas on a level surface and allow it to dry. The drying time will range from 1-3 days, depending on the environmental conditions and the mediums used. After a few weeks of curing, you can add a protective layer of varnish to the painting.

That’s how you create captivating lines and rings in a tree-ring pour. It produces stunning results. I encourage you to try this technique! For more tips, techniques, and demonstrations, follow me on YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook.

You can also watch a video demonstration of this technique [here](insert video link).

Alexia Young

Hello and welcome to the world of Alexia. I am a passionate and dedicated artist who loves to create beautiful, mesmerizing art for everyone's walls. I believe in the importance of encouraging people to express their creativity and be happy.

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