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How to Draw Anime Mouths and Lips With Expressions, an in-Depth Guide


In this in-depth tutorial, we will explore the art of drawing anime mouths and lips with various expressions. By the end, you will have the skills to draw sad, happy, open, closed, screaming, and other anime mouths. This tutorial is part of a series on anime and manga tutorials on If you want more tutorials on this topic, follow this link.

Drawing Anime Mouths – The Basics

To draw anime mouths and lips, it is essential to understand the emotions you want to convey, as they dictate the shape of the mouth. Start by identifying the centerline of the face and the placement and angle of the mouth. Then, refer to examples and references to draw the mouth or lips accurately. Prior knowledge of drawing realistic mouths or lips and an understanding of perspective are recommended. While you can attempt this tutorial without prerequisites, completing them first will yield better results.

Drawing Anime Mouths – The Mouth Open

Drawing anime mouths is about simplifying complex shapes into simple, yet expressive forms. Anime and manga art takes inspiration from reality but adds artistic flair, stylization, and visual narrative. Drawing anime mouths presents a challenge due to the changing shape as the mouth opens and closes, with various examples adding depth to character design. Building expertise in drawing anime mouths and lips requires practice, referencing both anime/manga and real-life. By comparing your drawings to references, you can identify areas for improvement and study design elements for better results.

Drawing Anime Mouths – Teeth Showing

When drawing anime mouths wide open, it is common to show teeth. The visibility of upper or lower teeth depends on the perspective and angle of the character. Looking down at a character will reveal their lower teeth, while looking up will show their upper teeth. When viewing a character at eye level, the upper teeth are typically visible. Understanding these perspectives and anatomical features enhances the realism and impact of anime and manga mouth drawings.

Drawing Anime Mouths – Perspective and Tilt/Angle

The angle of the mouth depends on both the character’s position relative to the viewer and the tilt of their head. To accurately place the angle of the mouth, a basic understanding of perspective is essential. Mastering perspective is crucial for drawing realistic faces and various angles. Observing examples and practicing foreshortening can help you improve your skills in drawing anime mouths from different viewpoints.

Drawing Anime Mouths – Mouth Partially Open

In many anime and manga illustrations, characters are shown with their mouths partially open, conveying emotions such as speaking, smiling, or exerting effort. These expressions often require showing emotion through the corners of the mouth without revealing the teeth. By emphasizing the dip between the lower lip and chin and using rounded corners, artists can effectively convey these emotions.

Drawing Anime Mouths – Screaming, Angry, or Exerting Effort

Certain expressions in anime, such as screaming, anger, or exertion, share similarities but can be interchangeable. The key lies in combining other facial features to accurately convey the desired expression. Rounded corners and zigzag lines indicating the separation of upper and lower teeth contribute to the intensity and emotions portrayed. Studying examples and analyzing the specific elements involved will enable you to draw these expressions convincingly.

Final Thoughts

Drawing anime mouths and lips requires practice and attention to detail. Make use of references and draw from observation to improve your skills. Analyzing your own drawings and comparing them to references will help you identify recurring patterns and elements to focus on. Remember that progress comes from regular practice, so aim to draw daily and create a large volume of work. For more tutorials on anime and manga art, visit Now, it’s your turn to unleash your creativity and master the art of drawing anime mouths. Good luck!

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