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20 Easy Mushroom Drawing Ideas

I’ve noticed a growing trend in mushroom art lately, which has inspired me to compile a list of easy mushroom drawings for you to try out in your sketchbook.

As someone who has always been fascinated by mushrooms, I even took a fungus class during my time in university. With their vast variety, I hope to showcase mushrooms in a unique way through this collection.

So, let’s dive into the world of mushrooms and have some fun drawing them! 😊

Drawing Tip:

To start, I recommend creating a preliminary pencil sketch of your drawing. Once you’re satisfied, you can go over it with an ink pen. After the ink dries, erase the initial sketch underneath, and voila! You’ll have your finished drawing!

If you are curious about the art supplies I use, feel free to check out my blog post on the art supplies I use for a comprehensive list.

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1. Mushroom Caps

Let’s begin by drawing some simple mushrooms with delightful patterns on their caps.

For our basic mushroom drawing, we’ll start by sketching the mushroom cap. Next, we’ll move on to drawing the stem. Finally, let’s add some decoration to our mushroom. I personally added circles to mine.

Below, you’ll find a few more fun mushroom drawing ideas to experiment with!

2. Amanita Muscaria

This mushroom is famous for its classic red cap adorned with white spots. It is commonly known as the Fly Agaric. To create this drawing, I used color pencils. They are a great medium to work with, in addition to pencils and pens.

3. Mushroom Cloud

Here’s a whimsical little doodle for you – a cloud with mushrooms sprouting from it.

4. Toadstool

The term “toadstool” originated from folklore, where mushrooms with large caps were believed to serve as comfortable seats for toads to rest on while feasting on flies. Here’s a drawing inspired by that concept.

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5. Growing a Mushroom

Growing my own mushrooms or purchasing a mushroom-growing kit has always been a fascination of mine. Here’s a drawing inspired by that idea. Although it may not depict exactly how mushrooms are grown, it conveys the concept quite well. 😅

6. Simple Mushrooms

Here are some straightforward yet realistic mushrooms for you to practice drawing.

7. Cute Mushroom

Let’s try our hand at doodling this adorable red and white mushroom.

8. Cat and Mushroom

Since I enjoy incorporating cats into my drawing blog posts, here’s a cat with mushrooms sprouting on top of its head.

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9. Cranky Mushroom

Here’s a fun little doodle I made of a mushroom getting cranky.

10. Fairy and Mushroom

Have you ever come across a fairy ring? Here’s a drawing of a fairy perched on top of a mushroom, inspired by these magical circles.

All my ink pen drawings are created using Sakura Pigma Micron Pens, which can be found in sets on Amazon.

11. Mushroom House

Let’s add a simple doodle of a mushroom house to your collection of doodles.

12. Puffball Mushroom

Puffball mushrooms release their spores into the air when their puffy cap is broken or bursts open. Here’s a simple drawing inspired by them.

13. Mushroom and Flowers

Mushrooms are not only fascinating but also beautiful. Let’s appreciate their beauty through this lovely drawing.

14. Mushroom Shapes

Mushrooms come in a variety of shapes, so here’s a collective drawing featuring a range of them. This will help you practice drawing different mushroom shapes.

15. Snail and Mushroom

How about a cute drawing of a snail perched on top of a mushroom?

16. Moon and Mushrooms

I absolutely adore drawing the moon and stars, so here’s a drawing of a moon to accompany our mushroom-themed blog post!

17. Magical Mushroom

Here’s a cute and simple doodle of a mushroom with a magical wand.

18. Mushrooms are Cool

I love adding sunglasses to things or animals, so here’s a mushroom sporting a pair of shades. How cool is that?

19. Rainy Days

We all have our fair share of rainy days. Let’s do our best to support each other when someone else is going through a rainy day in their life.

20. Mushroom Person

For our final mushroom drawing, let’s imagine a person with a mushroom sprouting from their head.

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Thank you for visiting this blog post! I hope you’ve discovered a couple of cute or interesting mushroom drawing ideas to inspire you. If there’s a particular drawing that resonates with you, please do let me know in the comment section. Have a fantastic day or night!

Keep drawing and have fun!

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