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Welcome to our comprehensive step-by-step tutorial on how to draw Naruto, the beloved manga character. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting out, we have the perfect guide for you. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through each stage of drawing Naruto, providing clear instructions and helpful visuals along the way. So grab a pencil and get ready to unleash your creativity!

Step 1: Sketching Naruto’s Head and Neck

To start, lightly sketch an oval shape near the bottom half of your page. Then, draw two small lines underneath the oval to establish the basic outline of Naruto’s head and neck.

How to Draw Naruto Step 1

Step 2: Adding Construction Lines

Next, draw two intersecting lines across the circle. One vertical line and one horizontal line. These construction lines will guide the placement of Naruto’s features later on. Make sure to follow the contour of the shape as you draw the lines.

How to Draw Naruto Step 2

Step 3: Drawing Naruto’s Eyes

Now it’s time to draw Naruto’s iconic eyes. Create two small ovals that sit on top of the horizontal construction line, one on each side of the vertical construction line. These eyes give Naruto his unique and expressive look.

How to Draw Naruto Step 3

Step 4: Adding Facial Features

In this step, draw Naruto’s nose as a small curved line below the horizontal construction line and to the left of the vertical construction line. Then, draw his mouth using two curved lines that resemble a sideways letter D. Position the mouth below the nose.

How to Draw Naruto Step 4

Step 5: Sketching Naruto’s Headband and Ear

Now it’s time to draw Naruto’s headband and ear. Begin by drawing two lines above his eyes, following the shape of the horizontal construction line. Then, on the right side of his head, below the headband shape, draw a long curve resembling a backward letter C. This line represents Naruto’s ear.

How to Draw Naruto Step 5

Step 6: Refining the Sketch

Congratulations, you have completed the initial sketch of Naruto! Now, go ahead and refine your drawing. Press harder with your pencil to create darker lines and define the shape of Naruto’s features more precisely.

How to Draw Naruto Step 6

Step 7: Adding Detail to the Eyes

In this step, we will focus on Naruto’s eyes. Make the shapes of his eyes more prominent by thickening the lines on top to simulate eyelashes. Then, add a series of lines above each eye and below the headband to create eyebrows.

How to Draw Naruto Step 7

Step 8: Drawing Naruto’s Eye Details

Add depth to Naruto’s eyes by drawing two circles inside each eye for his irises. Within each iris, draw a thick dot to represent his pupils. In the top left corner of each iris, add a small circle to depict a glare effect.

How to Draw Naruto Step 8

Step 9: Refining the Facial Features

Darken the shape of Naruto’s nose and add two small dots to indicate his nostrils. Then, refine the shape of his mouth by extending it to the right for a smirk. Draw two jagged lines inside the mouth to represent Naruto’s teeth. Finally, add a small line below the mouth to create Naruto’s lower lip.

How to Draw Naruto Step 9

Step 10: Drawing Naruto’s Hair

Naruto’s distinctive hair is an important part of his character design. Begin by drawing a series of curved triangles above his headband. These triangles will form the top layer of Naruto’s hair.

How to Draw Naruto Step 10

Step 11: Completing Naruto’s Hair

Continue drawing Naruto’s hair by adding more curved triangles. Remember to depict some hair clumps that overlap his headband to create a sense of depth and dimension.

How to Draw Naruto Step 11

Step 12: Finalizing Naruto’s Headband

Define the shape of Naruto’s headband by darkening its outline. Make the sides slightly wider to give the headband a three-dimensional appearance. Inside the headband, draw a rectangular metal plate with rounded edges. Add a few lines inside the rectangle to add depth and dimension.

How to Draw Naruto Step 12

Step 13: Adding Details to the Headband

Draw the shape inside Naruto’s headband, which is a coil with a triangle coming off the lower left side. To represent the hardware that keeps the headband attached, draw three small circles on both sides of the plate.

How to Draw Naruto Step 13

Step 14: Refining Naruto’s Face

Refine the shape of Naruto’s face by making it narrower and drawing the right side up along the inside of his ear. Add some jagged lines on the right side below the headband to depict Naruto’s sideburns.

How to Draw Naruto Step 14

Step 15: Detailing Naruto’s Ear and Back Hair

Give Naruto’s ear more definition by drawing a few lines inside it to represent its structure. Below the ear, add some jagged lines to indicate the back part of his hair.

How to Draw Naruto Step 15

Step 16: Drawing Naruto’s Neck and Cheeks

Complete Naruto’s neck by drawing a curved line below his head. Then, add three lines on each side of his cheeks to create a sense of volume and dimension.

How to Draw Naruto Step 16

Step 17: Finalizing the Sketch

Congratulations, you have now completed a rough sketch of Naruto! At this stage, you can choose to leave your drawing as is for a sketchy look, or you can move on to the next step for a more polished finish.

How to Draw Naruto Step 17

Step 18: Inking the Drawing

For a finished, inked look, carefully trace over your sketch lines with a pen or marker. Allow the ink to dry completely, and then erase any remaining pencil marks. This will give your Naruto drawing a clean and professional appearance.

How to Draw Naruto Step 18

Final Step: Coloring Naruto

To bring your Naruto drawing to life, it’s time to add color! You can use markers, colored pencils, or even crayons. Color Naruto’s hair and eyebrows yellow, his headband dark gray, and the metal plate light gray. His eyes should be blue, and his skin tone can be represented with peach or a similar light brown shade. Feel free to experiment and make Naruto uniquely yours!

And there you have it – your completed drawing of Naruto, the charismatic manga character. We hope you enjoyed this tutorial and found it helpful in developing your artistic skills. Now, go forth and create your own Naruto adventures on paper!


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