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How to Draw a Mouth | 05 |Drawing the Open Mouth and Jaw


In this comprehensive tutorial, we will explore the art of drawing an open mouth. We will delve into the mechanics of the jaw and provide step-by-step instructions on capturing the intricacies of a fully opened mouth. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist looking to refine your skills, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and techniques necessary to create realistic and expressive mouths in your drawings.

Understanding the Basics

To begin, let’s start with a simplified sketch of the skull, focusing on the mouth and jawbone. While the rest of the skull may remain undefined, remember that the attachment point of the jaw to the skull is crucial. This pivotal joint serves as the axis around which the jawbone moves when the mouth opens.

The Dynamics of an Open Mouth

When the jaw swings open, the mouth stretches and expands accordingly. In order to accurately portray this movement, envision an imaginary string extending from the pivot point of the jaw to the frontmost point of the teeth or chin. This mental image can guide you in determining the placement and size of the jaw as it opens. Alternatively, you can use geometrical tools to ensure consistency in the jaw’s proportions while accounting for different degrees of openness.

Drawing Through the Jaw

To deepen your understanding of an open mouth, add depth and volume by incorporating the curved shape of the mouth. Fill in the back-facing side of the jaw, ensuring its alignment with the curvature of the mouth. This technique will enhance the realism of your drawing.

Adding Skin and Detail

With the open-mouth skull complete, it’s time to overlay the skin and bring your drawing to life. Begin by sketching a simple nose and gradually add in the lips. Remember that in extreme poses like this, both the upper and lower teeth will naturally be visible. Attempting to cover the upper teeth with the lips will result in an unnatural appearance. As the skin stretches, accentuate the creases along the sides of the nose and the outer edges of the lower jaw.

A Glimpse of Detail

To provide a more intricate depiction, add additional facial details to your open mouth drawing. Observe the subtle nuances of the face and incorporate them into your artwork. By infusing depth and personality, you can create a lifelike portrayal of the human mouth.

We hope this tutorial has enriched your understanding of drawing an open mouth. Feel free to share your thoughts and leave a comment below. For more lessons on mastering mouth anatomy, visit [website url].

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