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Have you ever asked your child who their favorite cartoon character is? Chances are, they will say Pikachu. With its adorable face and red cheeks, Pikachu has captured the hearts of children everywhere. Today, we are excited to share a fun activity that will teach you and your child how to draw Pikachu. It’s a great opportunity to bond with your little one and unleash your creativity together. So grab your pencils and colors, and let’s get started!

Why Pikachu?

Pikachu is a popular species of Pokémon, the beloved fictional creatures that have appeared in various video games, animated TV shows, movies, trading card games, and comics. Pikachu, in particular, is the most recognizable and iconic Pokémon. Its widespread fame has even earned it the honor of being the official mascot of the Pokémon franchise.

Steps to Draw Pikachu

Follow these easy steps to bring Pikachu to life on paper:

Step 1: Start with the Basic Structure

Begin by drawing a vertical rectangle with rounded corners on the right side of your paper. This will serve as the foundation for Pikachu’s head and body.

Step 2: Create Construction Lines

Draw a vertical line that divides the rectangle in half and a horizontal line that divides it at the top and bottom. Add additional horizontal lines in the middle of the top section. These construction lines will guide you when drawing Pikachu’s features later on.

Step 3: Shape Pikachu’s Head

Using the space between the horizontal construction line in the middle and the top of the rectangle, sketch the basic shape of Pikachu’s head. Round out the top, taper it near the upper construction line, and bring the line closer to the horizontal line in the middle of the rectangle.

Step 4: Draw Pikachu’s Body

Starting from the bottom of the head, just outside of the neck, widen the shape to create Pikachu’s body. At the bottom, bring the shape slightly upward towards the vertical construction line.

Step 5: Add Ears and Arms

Pikachu’s ears are simple leaf or feather shapes. Draw one ear going up vertically and the other ear horizontally to give Pikachu its characteristic look. Sketch two tilted U shapes on both sides of the vertical line below the middle horizontal line to represent Pikachu’s arms.

Step 6: Outline Pikachu’s Feet and Tail

Below Pikachu’s body, draw two triangle shapes on each side that point outward to form Pikachu’s feet. To create Pikachu’s tail, draw a series of rectangles. Begin with a wide horizontal rectangle to the left of the head, aligned with the top construction line. Draw two smaller vertical rectangles below it, with the bottom rectangle touching Pikachu’s body.

Step 7: Refine the Sketch

Now that you have the basic outline of Pikachu, darken the lines to create a more defined sketch. Press harder with your pencil to make the lines darker.

Step 8: Add Facial Features

Draw two circles on top of the middle horizontal construction line for Pikachu’s eyes. Inside each eye, draw a smaller circle to represent glare. Shade in the eyes, leaving the glare circles unshaded. Just below where the middle horizontal line and the vertical line meet, draw a small upside-down triangle for Pikachu’s nose. Finally, draw a broad and rounded-off W-shaped line for Pikachu’s mouth, right beneath the nose.

Step 9: Final Details

To complete Pikachu’s look, darken in the ears and head. Add two diagonal lines on the top section of the ears and draw two circles on Pikachu’s cheeks. Your Pikachu is now ready to be colored!


Drawing Pikachu is more than just a fun craft activity. It’s an opportunity for you to spend quality time with your child. In today’s fast-paced world, building a strong relationship between parents and children is crucial. Take on the role of a supportive parent by engaging your child in different creative activities. Drawing Pikachu together is a wonderful way to spark their imagination and create lasting memories. So go ahead, grab your art supplies, and dive into this enjoyable and productive activity with your kid.

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