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How to Draw Squirtle

How to draw Squirtle step by step

In this comprehensive drawing tutorial, we will teach you the simple yet fascinating process of drawing Squirtle from Pokemon. Whether you’re a fan of the legendary series or just looking to enhance your artistic skills, this step-by-step guide will make drawing Squirtle a breeze.

Step 1: Outlining the Basic Shape

To start, draw two regular circles as the foundation for Squirtle’s body. The lines don’t have to be perfectly smooth since we’ll be making adjustments and erasing unnecessary lines later on.

Step 2: Creating Expressive Eyes

In anime, characters often have large and expressive eyes, and Squirtle is no exception. Draw large eyes with sizable pupils. Don’t forget to add short lines to represent the eyebrows.

Step 3: Adding Facial Features

Using two ovals, outline the central part of Squirtle’s pupils. Then, draw a rounded cheek and a curving mouth to bring our turtle-like Pokemon to life. Lastly, mark the nostrils with two small lines.

How to draw Squirtle Pokemon step by step

Step 4: Outlining the Arms

Squirtle can walk on both two legs and four limbs. In this drawing, we’ll depict Squirtle standing on two legs with extended forelimbs. With a few simple lines, outline the arms as shown in the image.

Step 5: Depicting the Palms and Fingers

Continuing with the easy steps, draw Squirtle’s palms and three angular fingers. Remember to position them correctly according to Squirtle’s anatomy.

Step 6: Defining the Legs

Since Squirtle is standing on its hind legs in this example, use simple lines to create the rounded legs of our turtle Pokemon, referring to the image for guidance.

How to draw Pokemon Squirtle easy

Step 7: Adding Toes to the Feet

Similar to the fingers on Squirtle’s hands, mark the three angular toes on its feet. Pay attention to the proper positioning of the toes for accuracy.

Step 8: Creating the Shell

To give our Pokemon a more turtle-like appearance, draw the outline of the shell using a pair of curved lines. Then, use two simpler lines to add texture to the shell on the back.

Step 9: Enhancing the Shell Texture

Now, focus on the front of Squirtle’s torso and recreate the shell pattern with utmost precision and clarity. Make sure to capture all the lines and details accurately.

Squirtle drawing easy

Step 10: Adding the Tail

The tail is a distinctive feature of Squirtle compared to a real turtle. Carefully mark and outline Squirtle’s unique tail, resembling a Squirtle’s tail.

Step 11: Refining and Darkening the Lines

Using an eraser, remove any unnecessary lines from your drawing. Then, trace and darken the essential lines to achieve a clear and beautiful picture.

Step 12: Adding Color

While leaving your Squirtle drawing black and white is an option, adding color can bring it to life. Paint Squirtle’s skin blue, shade the shell in various brown tones, and color its eyes purple.

How to draw Squirtle step by step

Congratulations! In just twelve simple steps, you’ve successfully learned how to draw Squirtle from Pokemon. We’d love to hear your thoughts on this tutorial and which characters you’d like to learn to draw next. Share your feedback with us and keep honing your drawing skills!

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