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How to Draw a Rabbit Step by Step Tutorial

This comprehensive step-by-step tutorial will guide you through the process of drawing a rabbit from a side view. Each step is accompanied by detailed illustrations, making it easier for beginners and aspiring artists to follow along.

Rabbit drawing step by step

Drawing a rabbit might not be the most challenging animal to depict, but it still requires skill and practice. To assist you in this tutorial, we will start with the basic shape of the body and gradually add the smaller details, ensuring a systematic approach to the drawing.

If you prefer traditional pencil and paper, remember to sketch light lines that can be easily erased until you reach the final step of the drawing process.

Step 1 – Sketch the Major Shapes of the Rabbit Body

Rabbit body drawing

Begin by outlining the major parts of the rabbit’s body, as shown in the example above. The head can be drawn as an “egg” shape. Then, outline the body itself, which can be divided into two sections: the smaller front and the larger back. The back shape can be represented with a single curved line, leaving the bottom open for the legs. Lastly, draw the upper part of the rabbit’s back leg, which is a fairly large shape.

Step 2 – Draw the Legs

Rabbit legs drawing

Sketch the overall shape of the rabbit’s legs. The bottom part of the front leg narrows slightly from the elbow area towards the toes, while the bottom portion of the back leg widens towards the toes area. You can also include a hint of the other front leg in the background by drawing a simple line.

Step 3 – Depict the Ears & Tail

Rabbit full body drawing

Draw the outer shape of the rabbit’s ears, ensuring that the ear closer to the viewer points more towards the right side of the picture, while the farther ear points slightly to the left. This technique creates the illusion of the ears being tilted, as rabbits’ ears are naturally positioned when viewed from the front. For now, represent the tail with just two curves.

Step 4 – Add Details to the Head

Rabbit outline drawing

Add smaller bends and curves to define the details of the rabbit’s head. Draw the mouth area, cheek area, nose, eye, and the bottom portion of the front ear.


  • The mouth should resemble an “egg” shape between the bottom jaw and the nose.
  • The cheeks consist of two curves: one for the bottom portion and another for the area between the cheeks and the bottom of the ears.
  • The nose is a tiny bump at this stage.
  • The eye can be represented by a shape similar to a lemon.
  • The front ear has a small curve for the front part and a larger curve for the back part, which slightly cuts into the upper shape of the ear.

Step 5 – Include Very Small Details

Rabbit details drawing

Now, add even smaller details to the rabbit in specific areas:

  • The inner shape of the front ear
  • The inner shape of the eye, as well as the reflection areas (small white dots where light is reflected)
  • The area around the eye, which usually showcases eyelids and lighter fur
  • The tiny nostril area between the bump of the nose and the upper mouth area
  • The individual toes of the legs

Step 6 – Add Fur & Whiskers to Complete the Drawing

Rabbit drawing

Finally, add some whiskers to the upper part of the rabbit’s mouth area and incorporate fur clumps. The fur clumps should be added in various areas, such as the inner bottom part of the ears, around the eye, cheek area, chest area, elbow area (front leg), bottom portion of the upper back leg, back of the tail, back of the head, and randomly around the large curve of the back. Vary the lengths, sizes, and curves of the fur clumps to create a more natural appearance.

Rabbit face drawing

For the eye, you can choose to shade it completely, excluding the reflection areas.


Drawing a rabbit may present a challenge, depending on your artistic skill level. However, this tutorial provides helpful tips and a structured drawing approach to assist you in achieving a better understanding of how to draw a rabbit.

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