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32 Rainbow Drawing Ideas

Rainbow drawings and crafts are beloved by people of all ages. Whether you’re a toddler at kindergarten or a seasoned artist in your studio, there’s always room for everyone to appreciate the beauty of vibrant colors. If you’re on the lookout for inspiration, we’ve curated a collection of 32 unique rainbow drawing ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

1. Pot of Gold Rainbow Drawing

Kids always enjoy art that tells a story. In this project, they’ll have the opportunity to create their very own paper plate pots of gold using basic art supplies. The process is fun, and the finished rainbow is worthy of hanging on any art wall.

Pot of Gold Rainbow Drawing

[Source: I Heart Crafty Things]

2. Salt Crystals Rainbow

If you’ve experimented with different rainbow drawings before, why not try painting with salt? This easy craft allows you to create stunning rainbow drawings using homemade rainbow salt crystals.

Salt Crystals Rainbow

[Source: hello, Wonderful]

3. Cosmic Rainbow Suncatcher

Step away from traditional mediums and create breathtaking cosmic rainbows out of recycled materials. This psychedelic suncatcher is simple to make and will add a touch of magic to any space. It only takes about seven minutes to assemble, excluding drying time.

Cosmic Rainbow Suncatcher

[Source: Babble Dabble Do]

4. Chalk Rainbow Poster

If you love inspirational quote posters, you’ll adore this rainbow chalk art poster. Create a rainbow chalk art masterpiece with your favorite quote glowing in the center. The secret ingredient for this project is a little bottle of masking glue.

Chalk Rainbow Poster

[Source: The Things She Makes]

5. Rainbow Footprint Butterfly

Let’s get messy with some art! If you want to create art with your baby but they’re too young to participate, this project is perfect. You’ll create beautiful rainbow butterflies using your baby’s footprints. It’s an activity you can also enjoy with older kids if you’re ready to embrace the mess.

Rainbow Footprint Butterfly

[Source: Messy Little Monster]

6. Straw Blowing Rainbow Art

Say goodbye to paintbrushes and hello to straws! This beautiful rainbow painting technique involves spreading paint using straws. Artists of all ages will enjoy this craft, and watching the paint flow is simply mesmerizing.

Straw Blowing Rainbow Art

[Source: Arty Crafty Kids]

7. Paper Towel Rainbow

Discover the unique and instant-absorbing properties of paper towels as you create beautiful rainbow art. This project allows you to use either store-bought watercolors or make your own using dried-out markers. The results are stunning!

Paper Towel Rainbow

[Source: Happy Hooligans]

8. Melted Crayon Rainbow Art

No rainbow art collection is complete without a melted crayon rainbow project. Create statement canvases by melting crayons into the shape of a heart. It’s not only a blast to make, but the end result is truly impressive.

Melted Crayon Rainbow Art

[Source: Mommy’s Bundle]

9. Pastel Rainbow Hearts

Add a soft touch to your rainbow art with pastel rainbow hearts. Instead of melted crayons, we’ll be pulling pastels to create these charming hearts. This project is not only a creative endeavor but also a great way to enhance your kids’ dexterity and color exploration.

Pastel Rainbow Hearts

[Source: Twitchetts]

10. Melted Crayon Rainbow Rocks

Don’t let those extra bits of crayon go to waste! With this rainbow craft, you can create awesome, colorful rocks that can be used as paperweights or gifts. All you need to do is melt those crayons, and you’ll have a vibrant rainbow at your fingertips.

Melted Crayon Rainbow Rocks

[Source: Red Ted Art]

11. Bleeding Tissue Rainbow Art

This rainbow project is tons of fun for all ages. Set up your rainbow tissue and let it bleed onto your canvas to create a mesmerizing artwork. For a more adventurous twist, try doing this project on a rainy day and let the rain do the bleeding for you.

Bleeding Tissue Rainbow Art

[Source: Mum in the Mad House]

12. Marbled Rainbow Butterflies

Who doesn’t love marble painting? Create marbled rainbow butterflies with pasta tube bodies in this art project. The marbling technique involves using good old shaving cream. The results are truly spectacular!

Marbled Rainbow Butterflies

[Source: hello, Wonderful]

13. Shaving Cream Rainbow

Here’s another shaving cream rainbow craft, but this one is more open-ended. Enjoy the journey of creativity as you play with paint, shaving cream, and your imagination. There are no tasks or guidelines, only you, your paint, and your creative spirit.

Shaving Cream Rainbow

[Source: hello, Wonderful]

14. Rainbow Scrape Painting

Create the famous rainbow swoosh without drawing it. Instead, scrape the rainbow onto your canvas using this unique technique. It’s a fun twist on traditional rainbow art that will yield stunning results.

Rainbow Scrape Painting

[Source: Arty Crafty Kids]

15. Cotton Ball Rainbow

Get ready for some messy fun with cotton balls and rainbow paint. While the end result may not be the most perfect rainbow, the process itself is a great opportunity for toddlers to learn about colors and rainbows. Embrace the mess and enjoy the experience!

Cotton Ball Rainbow

[Source: Fireflies and Mud Pies]

16. Handprint Rainbow

Let your little ones freely explore colors and their own creativity with this sensory project. Slap on some handprint rainbows and watch as they discover color dynamics. It’s an important developmental activity that allows children to express themselves freely.

Handprint Rainbow

[Source: Kids Craft Room]

17. Rainbow Paper

Create unique psychedelic effects with rainbow paper. All you need is black paper, bright nail polish, and the hydro-dipping painting technique. This project is sure to take you on a colorful ride!

Rainbow Paper

[Source: Science Kiddo]

18. Rainbow Spin Mix

Unleash the potential of salad spinners and coffee filters with this science-art project. Your kids will not only try the spin mixing technique but also get a real-life lesson in color theory. It’s a fun and educational way to explore the wonders of rainbows.

Rainbow Spin Mix

[Source: Babble Dabble Do]

19. Tie-Dye Rainbow Painting

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to pipette color onto your canvas, this project is for you. Create vibrant tie-dye rainbow patterns using a pipette, colors, and cotton balls. It’s a satisfying and colorful activity that will yield unique rainbow masterpieces.

Tie-Dye Rainbow Painting

[Source: Buggy and Buddy]

20. Abstract Rainbow Art

Experience the magic of rainbow pipetting with tissue paper. Watch as the colors flow and blend into each other, creating unique and abstract pieces of art. It’s a mesmerizing process that will leave you with stunning rainbow creations.

Abstract Rainbow Art

[Source: Casa Maria’s Creative Learning Zone]

21. Rainbow Leaf Prints

As far as drawing rainbows go, this art project doesn’t require advanced drawing skills. It’s suitable for both younger and older kids. All you need are colored pens or crayons, leaves, and a damp towel. Let your kids explore colors by applying various shades to the leaves and create beautiful leaf prints in different colorful ranges.

Rainbow Leaf Prints

[Source: Art Bar]

22. Takashi Murakami Rainbow Flowers

Brighten up your room with beautiful, bold colors using this fun rainbow project. Draw lovely flowers and color them as you please. This activity allows you to combine creative elements and envision Takashi Murakami’s technique. It’s a therapeutic project that will add vibrancy to your rainbow art collection.

Takashi Murakami Rainbow Flowers

[Source: OSCA]

23. Melted Crayon Heart

Indulge in the mesmerizing sight of colorful crayons melting. Create beautiful rainbows using melted crayons. Kids will enjoy transforming crayons into unique heart-shaped rainbow artworks. Display them as framed paintings to add an artistic touch to any room.

Melted Crayon Heart

[Source: Mommy’s Bundle]

24. Chalk Art Poster

Infuse your space with positivity by creating a chalk art poster. Write inspiring messages in colorful rainbow tones. This craft is perfect for parents and educators who want to instill positive values in children. It’s a beautiful way to display meaningful quotes and ignite creativity in young minds.

Chalk Art Poster

[Source: The Things She Makes]

25. Rainbow Kitty

Let your kids indulge in a fun rainbow art project by drawing a colorful rainbow kitty. With paper, pencils, and crayons, they can create their own playful rainbow masterpiece. It’s a delightful activity suitable for children of all ages.

Rainbow Kitty

[Source: Kidz Search]

26. Rainbow Dresses

Infuse rainbow art into your favorite cartoon characters’ outfits. Dress up your little girl’s favorite character in a vibrant rainbow dress. It’s a highly satisfying activity that sparks creativity and adds a colorful touch to any drawing.

Rainbow Dresses

[Source: I Heart Crafty Things]

27. Rainbow Salt Crystal Painting

Introduce your kids to the joys of drawing with salt crystals. Create stunning rainbow salt crystal paintings that will become beautiful art pieces. This tactile craft allows children to explore the texture of their materials while creating a variety of unique rainbow artworks.

Rainbow Salt Crystal Painting

[Source: Hello Wonderful]

28. Tissue Paper Suncatcher

Incorporate tissues into your rainbow art project collection with this delightful craft. Fill rainbows with colorful tissues and create beautiful suncatchers. This simple rainbow drawing idea is guaranteed to bring joy and color into your home.

Tissue Paper Suncatcher

[Source: Fun Learning for Kids]

29. Pointillism Rainbow Art

Explore the art of pointillism with rainbow colors. Use q-tips or dot markers to create a beautiful rainbow artwork. This project is perfect for children who love rainbows. It’s also adaptable for kids who haven’t developed the necessary motor skills yet, as there are alternatives to q-tips.

Pointillism Rainbow Art

[Source: Coffee and Carpool]

30. Rainbow Heart Transparencies

Add life to your home with rainbow heart transparencies. This craft is suitable for any season and a great way to introduce your kids to the world of art. With pencils, cardstock, rainbow-colored paper, glue stick, and scissors, you can create beautiful transparencies to brighten up any space.

Rainbow Heart Transparencies

[Source: Twig and Toadstool]

31. Unicorns

Unicorns and rainbows go hand in hand. Teach your kids how to draw beautiful unicorns with shiny, rainbow-colored manes. It’s a challenging project that requires extra supplies, patience, and a passion for rainbow art. Let your kids use their imagination and creativity to make unique unicorns.


[Source: Easy Peasy and Fun]

32. Rainbow Footprint Butterfly

Let’s get messy with some paint! The rainbow footprint butterfly art is an excellent way to involve your toddler in art projects. It’s especially fun if they’re too young to hold a pen and paper. Embrace the mess and enjoy this family bonding experience.

Rainbow Footprint Butterfly

[Source: Messy Little Monster]

With these 32 wonderful rainbow drawing ideas, you can create your very own rainbow collage. Let us know which craft ideas you enjoyed the most, and happy crafting!

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