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How To Paint A Rose – Easy And Simple


Realistic Rose Painting

Welcome, dear friends! In this mini tutorial, I will share with you a simple technique for painting beautiful roses in your artwork. Whether you’re a beginner painter or someone looking to create loose and abstract floral designs, this method is perfect for you. I have incorporated this technique in various paintings, such as my Spring Bicycle and Garden Fence Painting, among others.

Realistic Rose Painting 1

With this technique, the possibilities are endless. You can even add quotes, monograms, or Bible verses to your canvas, enhancing the floral designs in the corners or edges.

Realistic Rose Painting 2

One of the things I love most about this technique is the freedom it offers. Sometimes, you can simply let your creativity flow and paint the flowers without a specific plan in mind, almost like doodle painting!

Realistic Rose Painting 3

Materials and Color Palette


  • Blank canvas (8 x 10 inches)
  • Brushes (round sizes 8, 4, 5/0)
  • Paint palette

Color Palette:

Realistic Rose Painting

Feel free to experiment with different color combinations using this technique. You don’t have to use the exact shades of orange, yellow, red, and pink. Let your creativity guide you!

Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Prepare your palette and canvas

Start by setting up your palette with the colors you’ll be using. For this demonstration, I am using titanium white, medium magenta, cadmium red deep hue, deep green permanent, cadmium orange hue, and primary yellow. As for the canvas, you can paint the background a solid color or create a wash effect.

Realistic Rose Painting 6

2. Paint the rose circles

Using a round brush (size #8 or any size you prefer), paint a circle on the canvas to represent the size of your rose. Try to make your brushstrokes follow a spiral direction.

Realistic Rose Painting 7

Feel free to paint multiple circles with different colors if you desire. This will add variety to your floral design.

Realistic Rose Painting 8

3. Paint the leaves

While the circles are drying, mix a little red with green on your palette to achieve a natural green color. Use a round brush (size 4) to paint loose leaves next to each circle. To create color variation, load your brush with different amounts of the red-green combination.

Realistic Rose Painting 9

For a different type of leaf, paint a long stem using a thin brush (size 5/0). Add tiny leaves on both sides of the stem, incorporating some yellow into the green-red combo.

Realistic Rose Painting 12
Realistic Rose Painting 13

Feel free to add more leaves if you wish!

4. Paint the rose petals

Now it’s time to paint the petals of the roses. For the yellow rose, mix orange with yellow on your palette.

Realistic Rose Painting 16

Using a round brush (size 4), start in the middle of the circle and create small curved marks. This stroke technique is similar to a comma stroke, but perfection is not necessary. Focus on creating a beautiful curved line.

Realistic Rose Painting 17

Continue painting these curved strokes, gradually making them slightly bigger as you move towards the outer edge of the circle. Stagger the strokes for a more natural appearance.

Realistic Rose Painting 19

When you reach the outer edge of the circle, extend your strokes beyond the lines to form the shape of a flower.

Realistic Rose Painting 20

Repeat these steps for each circle, using red strokes for the petals of the orange rose and red mixed with a little pink for the petals of the pink rose.

Realistic Rose Painting 21
Realistic Rose Painting 22

Optional: Add a lighter color to the petals by mixing titanium white with the base color of each rose. Paint additional strokes with this lighter color, starting from the middle and working your way outwards.

Realistic Rose Painting 23

For the center of the roses, use red to paint small dots to create depth.

Realistic Rose Painting 26

5. Explore Further

Feel free to keep adding more designs to your canvas! Experiment with additional leaves, baby’s breath, berries, and even more roses. This is your opportunity to unleash your creativity and enjoy the process.

Realistic Rose Painting 27
Realistic Rose Painting 28
Realistic Rose Painting 29
Realistic Rose Painting 30


Congratulations! You have learned a simple and easy technique for painting roses. Let your imagination run wild and create beautiful floral art using this method. Remember, there are no limits to your creativity, so keep painting and enjoying the process.

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