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How to Draw a Rose


How to Draw a Rose

Welcome to our guide on how to draw a rose. Drawing flowers can be both challenging and interesting, and in this article, we will focus on teaching you how to draw a realistic rose. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced artist, this step-by-step tutorial is designed to help you create a beautiful rose drawing.

Step 1: Drawing the Rosebud

To start, draw an oval shape that tapers upwards. This will form the contours of the rosebud. Below the oval, draw a guideline for the stem.
How to Draw a Rose step by step

Step 2: Creating the Center of the Rose

Next, at the top of the oval, draw a shape similar to a comma. This will serve as the center of the rosebud. If you want to depict a partially bloomed flower, draw this shape smaller.
How to Draw a Rose with a pencil

Step 3: Drawing the Petals

Begin drawing the petals, starting from the center of the rosebud. Just like in our example, the petals around the center should be small and neatly arranged.
how to draw roses

Step 4: Adding More Petals

Continue drawing petals using curved lines. Each subsequent petal should slightly overlap the previous one. You can use the largest part of the petal, resembling a triangle, as a guide. This part is located below and to the right.
drawing of roses

Step 5: Drawing the Outer Petals

Keep adding petals, making each one larger than the previous. In this step, draw the outermost petals, which should be the largest and frame the remaining petals.
drawing of a rose

Step 6: Refining the Rosebud

Refine the shape of the rosebud by making it sleeker. Focus on slightly changing the edges to create a “waist” for the flower, where it smoothly narrows.
how to draw a realistic rose

Step 7: Finalizing the Rosebud and Adding Leaves

Erase any guidelines and make the lines of the rosebud smooth and clean. Below the rosebud, draw the sepals or leaves.
learn to draw

Step 8: Shaping the Stem

Thicken the stem, remembering that it doesn’t have to be straight. The stem may taper slightly and expand at different points. Be creative with its shape.
how to draw a rose step by step with pencil

Step 9: Drawing the Leaves

Using smooth and curved lines, draw the leaves of the rose. Remember that leaves don’t have to be perfectly symmetrical, adding a natural touch to your drawing.
how to draw a rose step by step with pencil

Step 10: Adding Leaf Edges

Using z-shaped lines, create the edges of the leaves. This step can be skipped if you’re drawing a different type of flower.
how to draw

Step 11: Incorporating Thorns

Add thorns to the stem, making sure they point straight up. Darken the outline of the stem, giving it a clear and defined appearance.
rose drawing

Step 12: Adding Details

Draw veins on the leaves and add shadows to the rosebud. Use hatching to create shadows in areas that are hidden from light. Remember to make the most convex parts of the bud the lightest.
drawings of roses

Step 13: Final Touches

Add shadows to the leaves and stem, focusing on achieving smoothness and lightness. These finishing touches will enhance the overall realism of your drawing.
How to Draw a Rose


Drawing a rose can be a rewarding experience. We hope this step-by-step guide has been interesting and helpful to you. By following the principles and techniques outlined in this tutorial, you’ll be able to draw a variety of realistic roses. Don’t hesitate to explore different viewpoints and use real roses and photographs as references to further enhance your skills. The rose is a timeless and elegant flower that captivates artists around the world, and with practice, you can create stunning rose drawings that showcase your artistic abilities.

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