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Learn How to Draw a Cobra Snake Step by Step

Snakes often receive a negative reputation, but in reality, they are intriguing creatures that play a vital role in our ecosystem. Among the various snake species, cobras stand out with their unmistakable hood, which adds an intimidating touch to their appearance. In this comprehensive guide, we will teach you how to draw a remarkable cobra snake in just eight simple steps. To begin, gather your basic art supplies such as a pencil, eraser, pen, paper, and reference photos of cobras to ensure an accurate depiction. Ready? Let’s embark on the journey of drawing a captivating cobra!

Step 1: Sketch an Oval

Firstly, start by creating the snake’s head through a simple sketch of an oval shape.

Step 2: Draw a Long Line

Next, let’s begin forming the body by drawing a lengthy, curvy line.

Step 3: Add the Cobra’s Hood

Revert back to the snake’s head and connect it to a leaf-like shape. This shape will represent the distinctive hood of the cobra.

Step 4: Create the Body

Now, utilize the initial line to form the snake’s body. Maintain a relatively thick body until it tapers to a point at the tail.

Step 5: Draw the Snake’s Belly

The cobra snake’s belly is characterized by a horizontal scale pattern. Sketch the area that will be the snake’s belly and fill it with numerous parallel lines.

Step 6: Sketch the Face

Return to the snake’s head and complete the face. Begin by drawing a large, round eye near the top of the head. Then, shape the snout and add a nostril. To create the mouth, draw a long line that starts at the edge of the head and wraps around the snout.

Step 7: Add Some Detail

Continue enhancing the snake’s appearance by adding more texture to the belly and hood. You may even choose to sketch the scales, but if you prefer, you can save this step for the inking stage.

Step 8: Go Over the Drawing in Ink

Finally, bring your snake illustration to life by tracing over it with ink. Using a fine-tip pen, carefully go over all of your pencil marks. Once you’ve outlined the snake, you can consider adding scales if desired, enhancing the realistic effect—especially if you plan to keep it monochromatic.

Congratulations! You have successfully drawn a striking cobra snake.

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